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What do you know about software | Infographic

Posted: 02 Mar 2014 07:40 AM PST

Software is a collection of some of the commands executed by the engine computer in the work. This software is a record for the engine computer to store the commands, as well as documents and other records.

Software is an electronic data stored by a computer in such a way, the stored data can be either a program or instruction to be executed by the command, and the records required by the computer to run the executable commands. Designed to achieve these desires was an arrangement of logic, the logic is processed through the compiled software, which is also called the program along with his editorial data. Management of the software involves several things, including the operating system, programs, and data. The software is set up such that there is a logic that can be understood by the engine computer

In general, the software can be divided into three sections, Operating Systems, Programming Languages ​​and Applications Software

Operating System
The operating system is a liaison between
users of computers with computer hardware. Before any operating system, using only the computer using analog signals and digital signals. Along with the development of knowledge and technology, there are now a variety of operating systems with the advantages of each. To better understand the operating system then you should need to know first some basic concepts regarding the operating system itself.

Understanding the operating system in general is the manager of the entire resource contained in the computer system and provide a set of services (system calls) to the user, making it easier and freshen the application and use of resources computer system.

Operating system functions like a government within a
state, in the sense of making conditions so that the computer can run the program properly. To avoid conflicts

Language software
Language Program, a program that is used to translate instructions written in a programming language into machine language to be accepted and understood by the computer.

High-level language is a language that is easily understood by anyone who wants to learn, because it is made by using the language of everyday human language. The current high level language commonly used to create programs based on business or application-based science. Examples of high-level languages ​​are: Basic, dBase, Cobol, Pascal, C + +, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, PHP, and many others.

Application Software
Application software is software that is commonly used by anyone to help her work. The application software can be easily installed on a computer. examples, Microsoft Word, Open Writer, ChiWritter, Word Perfect, WordStar, K Writer, Amipro, etc.

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