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Posted: 19 Sep 2013 04:17 AM PDT

Reference Site

About is a reference site, where you will find a collection of interesting articles that you can add insight about art. coolartwork writing, where you will get the reference art, in Cool Artwork you can see the painting is full of inspiring and sculptures from around the world as well as modern art

Art Is: The expression of one's feelings are poured into the creations in the form of motion, appearance, tone, poetry, containing unsue-element of beauty, and can affect the feelings of others.

 Types of Art

Art Music, is the outpouring of one's feelings expressed in the form of a beautiful tone and lyrics.
Art is the outpouring of feelings expressed in the form of visual / images.

Dramatic Arts, is an outpouring of feelings of someone who put in the form of motion storytelling mixed with appropriate music.

The art of dance, is an outpouring of feelings expressed in the form of an organized movement of limbs and rhythmic.

Cultural Arts, is the Creative of art, both in the form of Music, Art, Drama, and Dance are born and developed and maintained for generations by the people in an area, and is characteristic of the area.

Traditional arts,  is art elements that are part of life in a tribal people / certain people "
The characteristics
Creation is always based on the philosophy of an activity in a culture, can be a religious or ceremonial activities / istanasentris

Modern art is art that is not limited to an indigenous culture or region, but still based on a philosophy and schools of art. "
The concept of creation still based on a philosophy, but not limited to the reach of the translation of the visualization.

And much about art. If you want to know more about the art please visit 

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