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Knowing Death

Posted: 27 May 2013 10:26 AM PDT

Knowing Death - For most people - death is a mystery, and this mystery belongs only to God. The causes may vary, but it is still ultimately the destiny and the will of God that being said determiner.

If then led to a discussion or debate, the discussion and the debate is in the realm of faith or belief, and the end of the discussion or debate is going to come back again in the omnipotence of God. The following article is trying to look at death from the perspective of others, particularly the perspective of 'carelessness' which is often the main source of ignorance

Dr.. Tommi-Pekka Tuomainen, a researcher from the University of Eastern Finland, Finland, finding interesting things related to death. In a study conducted by him in obtaining provisional conclusion that 50 to 70 percent of people who were involved in the study die early because they consume food or beverages vitamins and other additives. The method is performed by Dr. Tuomainen relatively simple, although the timeframe required to obtain a provisional conclusion is quite long. In a period of ten years and hundreds of thousands of volunteers involved in this study

For the first group, the group does have a habit of taking vitamins and additional food or drink, the amount is not less than 221 people. For the second group, a group that does not have the habit of consuming vitamins and additional food or beverages amounted to 1,553 people. Although not mentioned explicitly in the research report published by the doctor why the second group are greater than the first, but the logical reason that can be drawn is much more difficult to find people who have the habit of consuming vitamins and additional food and beverage compared with those not

The main reason may be a habit, lifestyle, or economic capabilities as well. The better the economic level of a family, the more likely this family provide additional vitamins to his family members, although initial health conditions are also influential. In the family is quite capable, children are considered less vibrant health can definitely be getting vitamins or food or beverage additives

After observation for ten years. Dr.. Tuomainen noted that 59 people from the first group - approximately 26.6% - had died during the study was conducted. While the second group - of course within the same observation - only 281 people had died. Although the number of the second group seemed higher, but the percentage of deaths from the second group only 18.1%.

These results were not much different from similar studies conducted elsewhere, although the two studies are essentially completely unrelated and is not designed to compare the results. The research is conducted by researchers at the University of Minn., USA

Among the 38,000 women who observed - their average age of 62 years when observations began - the end result showed that the mortality rate in the group that has the habit of taking vitamins and food additives reached 40.8%, while the group that did not, the death rate reached only 39 , 8%. The difference is not too significant but it was evident even in those who are closer to the average age of death even though the group has a mortality rate of eating habits vitamins and food supplements remain higher

Although the death rate was higher in those who have a habit of taking vitamins and other food supplements actually logical, because in this group usually found people who did have a history of health problems since childhood, but even after having deducted the amount of population research, Dr. . Toumainen still found no significant difference in mortality between those who have a habit of taking vitamins and dietary supplements with a no.
So what is the cause of it all? Iron and copper are contained in many vitamin and food supplement thought to be particularly dangerous if the amount is excessive or higher than the normal amount that should indeed needed in a person's body. Both of these metals is known as a pro-oxidant that can allegedly trigger stress in the body - known as-oxidative stress - which in a number of previous studies known to be associated with the emergence of chronic diseases

Although, according to Dr. Toumainen, still need further research and more careful to make sure that is what has happened, but the message that must be considered by a group of lay people in connection with the results of this research is the habit of consuming vitamins and additional food or beverages are not necessary and obvious exaggeration enlarge rate risk of death

What if this warning was compared with destiny issues, confidence issues? It seems it does not proportional if the impact of this kind is done, though of course each person should do so. His case is similar to the problem of smoking is associated with death. My friend smoked five packs a day, eh fact age is very long, otherwise my friends who do not smoke eh fact he died young, so the argument of people who like to smoke when smoking is prohibited
Of course what is said is true, because there are facts, but the facts are the facts of the given case or several cases only. These people are not disclosed is the fact that research shows how large numbers of people who died because of smoking or because of a congenital disease caused by cigarette

One other thing that sometimes is difficult to distinguish by the people is the risk of death and death itself. Both should be clearly distinguished. The risk of death can be great because of carelessness, ignorance, or because someone stubborn, and this happened in a long time. While death - although it can happen because of carelessness, ignorance or obstinacy someone - but it happened in a very short period of time and even direct
Looking at death from the point of view based on the belief that destiny certainly legitimate, as the proverb states: death is an absolute certainty, but it is also a legitimate and good if the number of steps to a healthy life are known, understood, and executed. Congratulations healthy life for yourself, for family, for relatives, and for anyone.                          - Knowing Death

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