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What comes to mind when I say?

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 09:40 PM PST

Rome, Italy

Answer on What comes to mind when I say?

Food, Catholicism, The Vatican, The Coliseum..... Pasta! ;)

Which of these countries was NOT a part of the Allies in World War II?

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 02:03 PM PST

a.) France

b.) Italy

c.) China

d.) Russia

Thanks so much!! My bf and I are going crazy arguing about this.

Hugs and Kisses,


Answer on Which of these countries was NOT a part of the Allies in World War II?

Actually you might be able to argue that the answer is

E) All of the Above

France surrendered to the Germans in the first 6 weeks of the War. The only thing France knows about War is how to retreat and surrender. They haven't won a War since before The Battle of Waterloo.

Italy was an Axis country under Moussolini that was allied with the Germans. B is the answer you're looking for but all apply.

China fought independently against Japan. We did pay China to build and use landing strips though, but no real collaborative effort.

Russia received billions of dollars of American goods, supplies, military equipment, etc through the Lend-Lease Programs, but we didn't coordinate war efforts and battles with them.

Could someone translate this into italian for me!?

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 05:52 AM PST

I have already posted, but some parts had poor tense or pronunciation, please no translators it is a letter i need to send: 10 points up>?;

Could somebody please translate this into Italian for me, its a letter i am sending?

Please no translations, means a great deal to me! 10 points to proper :)

I was very sad to hear that you will all be going back home to Italy. You both are wonderful people and you have two truly amazing daughters. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me feel a part of the family for so long. I hope that i get the opportunity to see you before you go, because I won't really get the chance to say goodbye. Thank you for the holiday in Sardinia, I really enjoyed it, and it's a place I would love to go in the future.

Giulia, thank you for all the times that you cooked for me (even though I am picky and dont like most things!), I must try bear (as in the animal) again sometime haha!

Michele, thanks for all of the advice that you have given to me recently. You have taught me a lot, and from a different perspective than my own.

I have tried at university, but I am not doing as well as last year, I am just not enjoying it anymore, and have very little motivation for it. I hope this ends up making sense, and i hope to try and stay in touch once you go, because for 18 months things were much better than they have been for the past 6 months, especially right now... I will miss you all, Thank you all for everything.

Answer on Could someone translate this into italian for me!?

I'm italian so.. Io ero molto triste del fatto che voi tornerete a casa in italia.Entrambe siete persone meravigliose e avete due figli veramente incredibili. Voglio solo dirvi grazie per avermi permesso di sentirmi parte della vostra famiglia per cosi tanto tempo. Spero che avro l'opportunita di vedervi prima che andiate, perche in verita non voglio avere la possibilita di dirvi addio. Grazie per le vacanze in Sardegna, Mi sono divertito/a davvero, e vorrei ritornarci in futuro.

Giulia, grazie per tutte le volte che hai cucinato per me (anche se sono pignolo e non mi piacciono molte cose!), devo provare dinuovo l'orso (come l'animale) qualche volta! ahah

Michele, grazie per tutti consigli che recentemente mi hai dato. Mi hai insegnato molto. Cose lontane dalla mia prospettiva.

Ho provato all'universita, ma non sono bravo come l'anno scorso, non mi sto divertendo molto, e ho qualche motivazione per questo. Spero che questo finisca per avere un senso e spero di mantenermi in contatto con voi quando partirete, perche per 18 mesile cose sono andate moto meglio di come andarono sei mesi fa, soprattutto in questo momento... Mi mancherete, Grazie di tutto.

Thanks to you I could improve my english :)

HELP!!!!!! How does he sound to you?

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 05:42 AM PST

Im recently talking to this guy and we have been in the process of getting to know one another.He recently went on vacation to italy for a month and said he hoped i have a great summer and he mananged to keep in contact with me while he was there.He has asked me lots of questions such as whats my major? my hobbies? how many classes im taking this summer? etc. We met a few times at church and he wanted to hang out during this summer but i been busy with summer school and work that it was not possible. He recently moved to texas for med school. I asked how his new home is? he said its a little empty it could use a women's touch. So i said well dont worry you will make friends soon. So he said that wasnt the anwser he was hoping for.I also suggested making friends in church since he hardly knows anyone there. He replied by saying im sure things will work out but if they dont can we still chat..what did he mean? Oh and the other day he texted me saying hey how are you? so i was like good you? So he said he was a little bored at a club he was watching tv with a friend/cousin. So i said sounds like your making friends? I asked him no dancing? Hes like well i usually dance with a female friend since your not i said well dont let me stop you from enjoying yourself. He also asked what i consider a nice birthday gift? I asked why do you ask hes like just curious. He also asked me how well do we know each other? He aked me how my last few days of summer has been? He also asked how well i think we know each other? The other day he texted me saying hey i was like whats up? hes like just thinking about you. i asked how school was and his new home? hes like good and we talked about his orientation and about my classes and he asked if i made some new friends? He asked me " I cant believe im saying this but how is your last month of being a teen"? im like why can you believe it? hes like well because of your maturity level i would think your already 21. When i texted him the other day he asked me how im going to celebrate my birthday and what i usually ask for.

For my birthday he sent me a text at midnight wishing me saying hope you have a great birthday and congrats your no longer a teen.

Answer on HELP!!!!!! How does he sound to you?

sounds like a guy who is interested in you, whether as a friend or something more is hard to tell at this stage. just enjoy it for what it is, a friend.

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