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Bakal PM dok fikir jauh ke depan. KuLi dok goyang kaki di 'White House!"

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 01:23 AM PST

Leader kena ada vision. Kalu asyik nak gaduh benda2 yg tak tentu hala ni baik letak jawatan. Bagilarrr kat orang lain yg lebih berwibawa dan rajin buat kerja. Tahniah Anwar...
Anwar looks beyond GE13, launches PKR think-tank to formulate independent policies & move away from personality cults
Written by  Malaysia Chronicle

SUBANG JAYA - Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is not only optimistic about winning the federal government in the coming general election, he is already looking ahead. The 64-year-old, whom many see as the country's next prime minister, officially launched a think-tank - Institute Rakyat - to research and help his PKR party formulate government policies.
"The message here is good governance. We are talking about more than a change in prime ministers and leaders but a complete change in system. Gone are the days when I can award a contract to Azizah or Izzah," Anwar said during a question-and-answer session with the audience at the launch.

He promised that Institut Rakyat will be independently run and not be tied to the PKR's internal policies.
"It is imperative that Institut Rakyat does not become a mouth-piece. Hence, it must be independently run and allowed to perform its role which is to advise and critique without fear or favor," Anwar had said in his key note address.

"There must be a separation between the ruling coalition from the government. When the two become inseparable, the propensity for corruption becomes immense and the Umno-BN is the best example of this happening."

Institut Rakyat will be helmed by a board of directors that include PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Senator Dr Syed Husin Ali, prominent corporate leader Wan Azmi Hamzah and media specilaist Dr Tan Boon Kean.

Apart from undertaking research, the Institut's mission is also to shift the mindset of Malaysian voters from focusing on personality cults to competitive ideas, dialogue, debate and policy-making.

Economist Azrul Azwar will be the Institut's consultant, with well-known analysts Tricia Yeoh and Yin Shao Loong the research directors.

"We are now talking about who has better ideas, better policies," Tricia said in her speech.

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