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Kopitiam Bang Nan

Come on larrrr Azman Ujang! Sekaranglarrr masanya promote Anwar Ibrahim jadi PM...Hehe!!

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 10:26 PM PDT

Anwar Ibrahim! Perdana Menteri Malaysia Ke 7

Senyum sendirian teman baca artikal di atas ni. Bukan apa? Mati kutu Muhyiddin dan sumer kutu2 Umno dengan cara Khalid Ibrahim kilas tangan depa. Baru padan muka...Kahkahkah!!

Baca ni...

These are relevant questions in the wake of what I perceive as "an appeal straight from the heart" by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin last week to the opposition leader.

Putrajaya has almost exhausted its options in an all-out bid to prevent a water crisis expected to hit Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya – which together make up the country's most densely populated region – by 2014.

Patience is running thin at the highest level of the federal government over this rare but huge battle of wits in the federal-state working relationship, and it's for this that Muhyiddin raised the matter with Anwar. Anwar is not only the de facto Pakatan Rakyat leader but wears the hat of economic adviser to the Selangor government led by Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

For all intents and purposes, Khalid is relishing the role he's playing as Mr Obstructionist with all kinds of reasons to see to it that the massive RM8 billion project to source raw water from Pahang and the Langat 2 treatment plant that goes with it, won't become a reality.

He has issued one ultimatum after another that he'll only grant a development order for the plant if Putrajaya agrees to the state's ambitious water restructuring plan.

Mati akal mangkok2 ni yob. Demer ingat kalu nak memerintah mesti menipu macam puak2 demer. Heran demer nyer nengok si Khalid buat kerja....Kahkahkah!!...Baca lagi yob kat bawah ni...

In Selangor, where for the first time in the nation's history water is given free to consumers to fulfill the Pakatan Rakyat's 2008 general election promise, it is highly perplexing and even amusing that the state government is obsessed with taking over the water business knowing that producing and delivering water to millions of homes and thousands of industries incur horrendous costs.

The figure that's bandied about by the state government is that it is prepared to pay up to RM9 billion to take over its water assets. Even assuming that it can afford to come up with such a huge amount of money, how is it going to recoup its investments when it's giving free water to the people? It doesn't tally, let alone make sense. Except, of course, if it's solely to play the game of one-up-manship with Putrajaya.

Tengah gang2 mangkok ni fenin...tetiba pulak si Nan Yaakob buat hal... Lagi lagi jadi giler...Kahkahkah!! Baca bawah ni yob...

Then amid this latest spat between both sides, came an announcement last week by Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob that the state government would not hesitate to cancel the water transfer project if the Selangor government believed it did not need water from Pahang. Earlier he had said Pahang would consider reviewing the agreement because Selangor had politicised the matter.

It's an understatement to say that it's being politicised. In reality, it's the most highly politicised issue that I can think of.

Adnan's threat to cancel the project only plays into the hands of the Selangor government and suits its political agenda and the biggest losers, if it ever sees the light of day, will be the people, the economy and the federal government. I'm sure Adnan knows this, which is why many were taken aback by his announcement.

Consider this, up to Aug 31, a substantial portion of the RM8 billion meant for the inter-state water transfer project has been spent. These include completing 67% or 22.9km of the 44.6km long tunnel while 47% of water pumps and valves and about 60% of the dual piping system have been installed.

If the agreement is scrapped, we will not only have a huge white elephant in the country but worse, dry taps.
Kah haghu semua tu.. Akhirnya...Ya! Akhirnya terpaksalarrrr minta tolong kat Pak Sheikh!! Ngaku jugalarrrr demer sumer ya!! Hahahaha....
Now, it looks like the hopes of these millions rest with Anwar. He was once our deputy prime minister and is it too much to ask him to play a statesman's role, rising above partisan politics to end the deadlock?

Anwar, perhaps more than us laymen, knows that there are things in life that are more important than politics. Water is one of them.

Kahkahkah...Hajer Nyer yob yob semua!!

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