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How to ship a dog from Italy, Canada, or USA, to the Philippines?

Posted: 27 Nov 2011 03:43 PM PST

I am interested in getting a Volpino Italiano, a rare dog breed, and I was just wondering, what are the requirements so that I could bring it here in the philippines?

Also, how long would it take? I also read a lot about shipping animals and some say that they would be on quarantine for 6 months? Is that true?

Also, how much is it to ship a dog using a shipping company like FedEx?? (If it's possible)

Thanks for answering my questions!


Answer on How to ship a dog from Italy, Canada, or USA, to the Philippines?

There are government regulations and requirements to be complied when shipping pets from one country to another. If the destination of the pet is the Philippines, the shipper will first need a permit to import animal(s) from the Philippines Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry in Diliman Quezon City. You will also secure from the government agency in the country where the pet will be shipped out, an animal health certification. Then you will arrange with the carrier plane or boat the fees and conditions of shipping your pet. The Philippine Consulate or Embassy in your area knows the procedure and assist you with samples and forms.

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