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bila sauh dibongkar...

WOW..! Sudah FOFULAR, Lupa Diri.. Mintak Cerai Dari Suami..! Apa Kes Adik Datuk Ni..??

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 08:53 PM PDT

Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy Hatta sanjunginya to the level of a prophet ..? Hatta Ramli Ibrahim forge want umpamakan as Joseph ..? Astaghfirullaaaahhh ...! It is valid Hatta Ramli was dying, yeah .., are dying way of thinking ..., it is damaged and not functioning well yet his brain just like a patient lying in the ICU ..By common sense we understand the nature of Joseph's character had all the looks that can melt the hearts of women that Siti wife the most beautiful and elegant women in Egypt had to find excuses in order to "force" the Prophet Joseph came up ....Anwar Ibrahim was very different! Desires, a strange, voracious...

Bodoh Sombong..!! Kenapa Haled Nak Salahkan Nazib Apabila Anaknya Sendiri Yang Kena Tangkap...??

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 08:52 PM PDT

Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak described the opposition charges that the examination of the Islamic Religious Department (Jais) against the Church Methodis Damansara Utama (DUMC) recently masterminded olehUmno is something that does not make sense.Umno president said, are unfounded if Umno dikaitkandengan incidents as IRAD is under the jurisdiction kuasakerajaan opposition-run state."These charges, how we want to point people who are not under Umno. IRAD under whom?"Love can drive the non-Umno Umno do this, this is not masukakal ... it's difficult if not come to make accusations Posted, reckless allegations," he told...

BOM MELETOPP…!! Ikuti Pengakuan Dan Cerita Bloggers Yang Dijemput Menonton Video Seks Anwar Ibrahim Malam Tadi… Cer Criter.., Cer Criterr...

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 08:51 PM PDT

"Bro .. I was surprised, he sticks besaar giler, Wan Azizah said the award should be God ..." Thus says the word comes from the mouth of a friend of Daddy Blogger GOMO once he was given the opportunity to watch a sex video of Anwar Ibrahim.

Sembang OMEGA…! Inikah Student Private College Berasal Dari Guangxi China…? Itulah Pasal Nurul Hana Anwar Kata “Papa Jahat..!”

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 08:51 PM PDT

Anwar OMEGA sick ...! Spinal pain ..., characteristics of men who can not have sex .... Theatrical puppets so great a political animal still want to lie to the people! Once associated with a great porn action membalun "amoi" from the wall of China, now wanting sodomy tegarnya sycophant sycophant mind with the character "spinal pain...

angan lah pakai baju raya fesyen seperti ini !

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 08:51 PM PDT

Is this kind of football fashion Hari Raya current age? Better do not have to wear shirts at all! Simply shameful when shirts like these show homes open to the public attention. Basketball man who points quite shock la Usha reach out eyes. GPB advise to women, do it choose such fashion. As Muslims we have manners in dre...

Bloggers Pro Pakatan Maki Boss Mereka Apabila Ranking Bloggers Dikuasai Oleh Papa GOMO, Gap, Parpukari, Rbf, Flying Kick

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 08:50 PM PDT

It appears that one of Blogger's Alliance have expressed his feelings to the failure of expression of the performance of his friends among those who should lick lick Bloggers Alliance struggles to become artisans wash excrement DAP .... By issuing a list ranking the Bloggers, proven PR pro who is not successful rival Pro Blogger achievement BN! According to the latest list of Hits Alexa, 1st Top 50 Pro Bloggers Blogs BN can be seen over the chart as high as 65%, averaging 32-33 Pro Bloggers BN is in position 10-50. However the list below there are two Pro Blogger BN tercicicir from the list, namely and waves of Representatives....

Blogger 14 Tahun Membuat Pengakuan

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 07:03 AM PDT

but malaysian girls still show off some part of the body by secret. So what do you think..

Caused No Dress Code, Artis Melayu Dare Appoints Tetek Dikhalayak Bustling ...!!

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 07:02 AM PDT

I think the Ministry should have guidelines on dress code for the artists of this country artist that does not encroach eastern border as the Malays and not shipped with the artists follow the western way of application The above picture has become a hot conversation among journalists who would film the world of entertainment artists on the Night of Stars Awards Gala organized by the All American Rejects Top News recently. They also "surprised" with the courage a few popular artists who do not have to draw attention to the over-sexy dress ... Normal to the best tactics to get media coverage!Artists mentioned is the new Kate Miera 19 years old. Who Miera Kate ..? Is she equal popularity with Scha Al-Yahya ..? Kate Jasmay ..? Lisa Surihani ....

Wikileaks Garuda - Anwar Ibrahim Gagal DIDIK Markus Horison DIVERT Issue…??

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 06:59 AM PDT

Goalkeepers squad shirt Garuda Indonesia, Markus Horison proven FAILED to follow Pak Anwar ... tactics "to blame others .." and also "divert issue". Especially Anwar Ibrahim is "known" in Indonesia ...

Anwar, who have the attitude of a BANGSAT upper class, is pointing fingers towards others alone to close the error yourself ...

Look at how he fled into hiding in the Turkish embassy when undergoing a medical doctor Saiful, Anwar lying all over the country that the police will arrest him, kunuuunnya is the wish "to kill" him and many more klentong Anwar's bitch to do ....
Until then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made ​​the official statement and an assurance that Anwar is free anywhere and the police will act professionally and deal with complaints Saiful, Anwar did appear ....

Do not forget the story of 16 September also want to close the eyes of the people not to concentrate on Saiful Bahari sodomy ...

And the last, when Anwar had failed to prove accusations that UMNO in cahoots with the APCO, many Alliance members of Parliament to bring the character of a donkey and a cow as the upper class to make chaos Barua polluting k


Posted: 21 Sep 2011 06:59 AM PDT

there are two or three others that are not elements LOYALTY and sell information to the opposition. Do not believe? Wait time later. Will be exposed.

Kenapa Zizie Ezette Buat Yb Datuk Bung Mokhtar Menangis...?

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 06:59 AM PDT

Mat Sabu reaction is only put on the canal answered "no comment" to describe what the ..?

If the sound clip is certainly defamatory Mat Sabu will brag and say she will suit and will make a police report. Look at his own reaction Mat Mat Sabu on the issue of Indra, he is a fierce opponent for kunuunnya confident that the truth is the place ..

Wikileaks SEKS..!!! Siapa MENTERI Yang Rogol Pembantu Rumah Indonesia..???

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 06:58 AM PDT

Um ..., waduuhhh ...., Waaadduuhhhhhh minister ...! Coke taste the same once the maid own play iyaa ..??? Identify natural products from the land of wine jawaaa ....

Who is the Minister who is ..?

According to Wikileaks reports, had sparked the incident "rape" of an Indonesian maid who worked at the home of a minister in Malaysia. Rape was already done by the Minister himself ....

As written by our friend The Flying Kick Blogger, perhaps might be the maid who worked dirumahMenteri has a seductive body, such as Inul ..., face shape is like the actress Arti ..., that perhaps makes the thin, Mr. Minister faith ...!

Buletin Wikileaks..! Baca Kisah Benar Wanita Jawa Bernama ROBENGAH

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 06:58 AM PDT

The process of the rebellion leaders and elected representatiLinkves PKR Selangor Pakatan MPs increasingly bold and not the slightest feeling bow down His Royal Highness the Sultan of ...!

Discount Shopping proud and arrogant display a statement of the Minister of Selangor, the most stuttering in the world. By power, Khalid would become a pierced nose cow ....

In fact he suggests that he was not sure would be present at the swearing of the new State Secretary, Datuk Khusrin Munawi scheduled to be held on Thursday this ... ..

Teach Less ...! Has never happen again where the state government representatives to boycott and boycott the pleasure of the Sultan ..! But we must not forget that the saplings saplings cheap hardcore sycophant species Anwar can do it ..., just look what often happens in the Perak State Assembly ..., as well as more recently the House of Parliament becomes Zoo ...!

Ustazah Membela Maksiat

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 06:57 AM PDT

However the rule for Malaysian girl is so stick but malaysian girls still show off some part of the body by secret. So what do you thin

Wikileaks KANTOI..! Dicekup Berzina, Ustazah Sempat Tutup Badan Dengan Towel Merah…,

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 06:57 AM PDT

The next lecture of the PAS in Selising Bute, there are more videos up as well as exclusive video interviews. "He said.

The video shows that he is willing to plea Saidi summoned claims that he made untrue or defamatory.

Based on his confession, he had received complaints that the women involved have lost a week do not know go where.

"Ambo been looking on the railway VIP 1. Ustaz ambo doors open ... (In the name of Assemblyman involved) wear underwear, hok Tino (the women) wear a red towel, "he said, who is also PAS Semerak Security Chief.

According to Saidi, other witnesses his cousin's arrest is known Haji Fauzi.

Saidi said he then met General Mursyidul PAS, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the Menteri Besar's house to tell the incident.

He did so because she wanted to Tok Guru drop the hadd punishment can be imposed on the couple in addition to women involved are still man's wife.

Saidi told, Nik Aziz asked him to return and come back the next day because she wanted prayers Istiqarah first.

"Ambo talk (talk) ni, if ambo pelawok (lie), ambo stayed behind to Allah, for the trial to the ni sin can enter heaven into hell, not be piteh (money)," he said.

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