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Scared of moving to italy.?

Posted: 27 Sep 2011 02:45 AM PDT

Hello my family is seriously thinking of moving to sicily, palermo. Iam really scared. Iam american, I have heard they are very racist, will the italians treat me better than most americans because Iam sicilian? what kind of shoes do they wear? and where can I learn how to dress for Italy? italian vogue? Help me Iam scareddd.

also is it true you can't return and try on things in italy?

Answer on Scared of moving to italy.?

No need to be worried! Although your feelings are understandeable, moving to a new country and all. I am Italian, of Southern Italian origin, living in Northern Italy. It depends on the shop, but you generally don't return shoes, so try before you buy. But for other things, you generally can.

As for the fashion, just wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. A lot of the styles in Italy are similar anyway.

You'll find Italians (especially Southern ones) are very hospitable friendly, warm people who love when foreign people try to speak their language and learn about their culture.

There is some racism in Italy, as everywhere else. Americans shouldn't even talk about being racist, especially considering the DISGUSTING way Sicilian immigrants were treated when they immigrated to America in mass numbers.

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