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Posted: 01 Mar 2011 05:11 PM PST

Evidence from cell: Anwar walk into a trap?

Can you believe it that a cell which is so dirty that there was only one strand of hair found, and that belonging to Anwar?'

Karpal: Anwar's cell just like animal pen

Josephine: How convenient that the CCTV at Anwar Ibrahim's cell is not working. Who knows what the camera would have told us, and who knows whether the cell had been visited by a special squad.

But then the CCTV at the condo works and thereby providing prosecution with the pictures they now call evidence. At the MACC where Teoh Beng Hock was concerned, when the CCTV would have told a story or two, it was not installed.

It seems to me the government is very powerful indeed, even a non-living thing like CCTVs dance to their tunes.

Louis: Most probably, the jail cell has never been swept for decades. For all we know, Botak Chin's hair can still be found there. Can you believe it that a cell which is so dirty that there was only one strand of hair found, and that belonging to Anwar?

FairMind: It is strange, isn't it? The cell is like an animal cage occupied by many occupants before and looking at the photo it's like a pig's sty. Yet is as clean as an operating theatre, no dirt, no other peoples' hair and DNA except for Anwar's "bulu".

Syabas. Hospitals should learn from the police as to how to keep a place so sanitary and clean.

Michael Angelo: Based on the chronology of events and incidents, it would seem that every step taken is based on a script as in making a movie. The story line has been laid out and all the actors, supporting actors and props are on hand to make the movie a success. What a sad situation for Malaysia.

Egnck: After following this trial from the beginning up to now, I think it is time to say goodbye to Anwar Ibrahim. I believe the only way he can get out of jail this time is when the opposition takes over the government. Sad but true.

Anonymous_5fb: The whole thing here is all a waste of time, all to prove if sodomy really happened, as if the government can be sure any husband and his wife never did that kind of act within four walls of their bedroom.

The dignity of Malaysia as a nation is long gone in the eyes of other nations where civilised people are not interested to know what type of sexual orientation one prefers.

Avatarista: I've been arrested and kept in a lock-up. How come there were no other detainee when Anwar was arrested? And how come they clean the lock-up before Anwar walked in? Was it all pre-arranged?
Anonymous_4135: I regularly host meetings in my home among friends, and after the gathering and chit-chat, we find quite a lot of things over the floor. The most common would be hair. If you ask me which strand of hair belongs to whom, I really have no idea.

However, in our Malaysian court, we have super CSI (crime scene investigation) police that cannot find missing jet engines, blown-up victims but they can find one single strand of hair belonging to Male Y whom the whole world knows is Anwar.

The bible tells us that we can see the speck of sawdust in another person's eye, but cannot see the plank in our own eyes. Umno goons are taking things to another level.

Pemerhati: It is a shocking revelation that our criminal justice system holds its suspects in such horrible conditions. The blame lies entirely with all the police chiefs starting with Hanif Omar and their political masters starting with Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

If one were to thoroughly investigate all these people, it would not be surprising to find that most of them are prime candidates to be held in these cells for investigations into a long list of crimes such as collecting bribes from the underworld and individuals, getting kickbacks on overpriced negotiated contracts and other shady deals like those with the IPPs (independent power producers), asking their subordinates to blow up Altantuya Shaariibuu with C4 explosives and collecting hundreds of millions in commissions from the unnecessary purchase of submarines.

These people are now extremely worried that Anwar might come into power and bring them to justice and so they have come up with this elaborate charade to put him in jail with the help of the kangaroo courts.

Anonymous828_h: It's a jail cell, and like most jail cells all over the world, it caters to criminals. Look at it from that perspective and you won't find it terrible. All of you should also show your compassion regarding similar conditions some of our poorer fellow citizens live under, and it's their daily life and not a jail cell. All of you are hypocrites.

Alan Goh: If you're arrested and put in a police D9 lock-up, make sure you don't leave behind any water bottle, toothbrush or 'Good Morning' towel. You don't know what and where it will end up next.

Wong Jiang Fung: Anyone, whether guilty or not guilty, should to be entitled to a proper defence and due process of law. No way is justice served if evidence is faked, defendant's rights are denied just to convict a person believed to be guilty.

In the Michael Jackson trial, many juries actually thought that he couldn't be innocent, but however the evidence furnished by plaintiff were not enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he actually molested children. So the juries released him. That's true justice.

Here in Anwar's case, the judge and the court have lost all credibility. It doesn't matter whether Anwar is guilty anymore.

Yours: In the UK and other Commonwealth countries, any evidence obtained not in accordance with the law will be thrown out faster than fast, with an admonition against the persons involved.

Defence: Evidence from Anwar's cell taken 'illegally'

HYL: Why must they take the sample by "curi-curi"? Why can't they take the sample directly from Anwar? What comes first in my mind is that there must be hanky-panky if they do things like this.

Ferdtan: As the DNA Identification Bill 2008, which deals primary with the collection of a person's bodily samples as saliva and hair has not been passed into law (it was passed in June 2009), isn't the collection of the personal items such as toothbrush, towel and the hairs of Anwar for DNA analysis without his permission against the law?

Changeagent: The way the police fall over themselves to retrieve Anwar's samples is laughable and reminiscent of the recent remark made by Umno Simpang Kerayong division head Hasnol Abu Wahab about the Taoist-Hindu followers in Malacca who "tie a red and yellow cloth somewhere and it becomes their deity".

In this case, Anwar either drops a few strands of hair or leaves a few used personal items somewhere, and it will somehow become Umno's deity to help them remain in power.

Mat: Even an elementary school child can figure out that they purposely detained Anwar so that they can collect personal items from him to plant on the accused or at the alleged crime scene.

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