'Hero Of The Day !  Yesterday, was my "BAD DAY" but with the exchange of my "LUCK" to become "LUCKY DAY". Here, I would like to credited to this gentlemen with his Good Samaritan to helped. He's Mr. Kumar from Ipoh road's. (Helping without asking in-return but I'm insist to give him a token as appreciated)  Hmm~ Happened on yesterday morning when  I drove my ride to work (Hospital). Was chatting on-phone (hand-free) with my surgeon on a complicated case we might face later. (Bla ~ Bla ~ Bla ~) along Federal Highway from Subang Jaya towards Cheras.   I was driving (80KM/H) at the central lane & saw a metal drop from d truck in front of me.  Oh Shit.... I ran into the hard metal object by sudden. Then, Tyre Burst....sob sob 𾌺𾌺𾌺  Luckily, nothing bad happen to me or course dangerous to others. I was rushed to work because need to attended 2nd case at 11am.   Haiz..... What a Bad Day to start with !! Then, I make three called. 1st is to my boss aka Surgeon who going to operate later. Please, get second assistant to take over my place, in-case can't able to reach on times. 2nd to my close buddy (Hendrys) for the nearest location of help/workshop & 3rd to my insurance agent (Tan PC) if I need to tow on my ride. Then, my wife also called to asked because I send pictures to her.   Okay... When I started to change my tyre with all my accessories-on. Then, my Hero (Mr. Kumar) came to the rescued, he's on his motorbike. He offer help by asking in a good manners. (Appreciate him)  Mr. Kumar said: "Abang pakai cantik-cantik tak pandai buat lah.... Saya kasi tolong!!" He asked, Abang mau pergi mana ?? I replies to him: Mau pergi kerja.  (Conversation between....) Kumar: kerja office ka? mana office? GTO: bukan office, kerja di hospital.  Kumar: you doctor arrr.... (with his "SHOCKING" expression) Wah ~ manyak baik punya kerja. Kasi tolong orang. GTO: bukan doctor... Saya assistant untuk doctor saia.  Kumar: Tak ada masalah, saya kasi tolong abang. Abang cepat-cepat pergi kerja nanti, kasi tolong sama orang balik.  Hari ni, saya yang tolong abang.  (Both laughing together loud 𾌴)  When thing happened (tyre Burst) less then 15minutes. God send Mr. Kumar to the rescued. Then, reached hospital at 930am. Surgery starter on 1115am, case settled with good feedback (patient is safe).  So, Mr. Kumar bring me Luck yesterday !!   The moral's of the stories is do more good stuffs & treat everyone will sincere.  The Good Karma/ Faith will help you. Thank You for those whose send regards & asking. I received numbers of miss called/WhatsApp/PM/FB.  Arigato Gozaimasu 𾍓🏼𾍓🏼𾍓🏼  Nam Myoho Renge Kyo 𾍛🏻𾍛🏻𾍛🏻 When things happened !!  About to struggle on changing spare tyre.'
'Tyre Burst & it came out (the car skirting & body also get scratched 𾌺)'
'It's because of the hard object fallen from the stupid truck. (Irresponsible truck-driver who course dangerous to others 𾌽)'
'My HERO of the day, he just mentioned. "Abang, tak mau ambil gambar lah...."'
'Credit goes to Mr. Kumar from Jalan Ipoh (foreman) he's humble & gentleman. (Good Samaritan) May God Bless this gentleman with Good Health 𾍛🏻)'