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Can you people stop saying Itay cheated?

Posted: 24 Dec 2011 05:11 AM PST

I'm getting sick of it! the thing that really bothers me is having people come up to you and say they won out of luck, first of all soccer is all about luck NOT of how many great soccer players there are on a team, or because of that cheap *** Zidane gave a headbutt to Materazzi, and caused him to get a red flag, and had him get kicked out of the game. France and Italy both had 1 to 1 in the beginning, France got a penalty kick and shot a goal, and Italy shot a goal, that dosen't make France better than Italy or any other team because of one player. So the game... it was even, except for the end when they got all the penalty shots, and caused them to win. And another thing, you cannot cheat in soccer, ok, enough with the insults. I'm getting tired of having to hear the same **** repeatedly, if it bothers you that they won then keep your mouth shut, and stop freaking booing, people almost got their assed kicked by some fans on my block yesterday, thank god there wasn't a riot.

Answer on Can you people stop saying Itay cheated?

Yeah they got lucky it is true. It is so sad when you can't rely on you skills (or maybe you don't have any) and you need to insult the best player to get him thrown off rather than try to outplay him. Answer.....yeah they cheated!!!!

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