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Posted: 08 Sep 2011 02:48 PM PDT

MAIS larang Khalid Samad mengajar agama di S'gor
Abdul Rahim Sabri

Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (MAIS) tidak membenarkan ahli parlimen Shah Alam, Khalid Samad membuat apa-apa penyampaian agama di masjid dan surau di seluruh Selangor kerana tidak mendapat tauliah.

Ia termasuklah tazkirah, ceramah, kuliah dan apa-apa pengisian agama, demikian menurut satu kenyataan MAIS hari ini.

Pengerusinya, Datuk Setia Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa berkata rayuan Khalid berhubung tauliah beliau, ditolak melalui mesyuarat Jawatankuasa tauliah MAIS yang bersidang pada 23 Jun 2011.

"Penolakan ini adalah selaras dengan perkenan DYMM
Sultan Selangor untuk tidak memberi tauliah mengajar atau berceramah mengenai agama Islam kepada mana-mana ahli politik terutama di masjid dan surau di Selangor," katanya.

Oleh itu, MAIS mengingat dan mengarahkan nazir masjid dan pengerusi surau seluruh Selangor tidak menjemput, membenarkan atau memberi peluang kepada Khalid dan mana-mana ahli politik menyampaikan ceramah, mengajar, tazkirah atau khutbah berkaitan agama Islam kecuali mempunyai tauliah yang masih berkuatkuasa.

JAIS pada 6 September lalu dilaporkan memutuskan mendakwa Khalid kerana memberikan tazkirah tanpa tauliah pada 16 Ogos lalu di surau Taman Seri Sementa, Kapar, Klang.

Beliau dipanggil ke pejabat Jais pada hari itu dan dinyatakan pendakwaan. Perbicaraan ditetapkan 24 November ini di Mahkamah Syariah Klang.

Khalid kaitkan dengan BN

Khalid didakwa bawah Seksyen 119 Enakmen Pentadbiran Agama Islam Selangor dan jika sabit kesalahan boleh didenda RM3,000 atau dua tahun penjara atau kedua-duanya sekali.

Turut menerima tindakan JAIS Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor Dr Rani Osman apabila tauliah beliau ditarik pada bulan Ramadan lalu.

Sementara itu, Khalid mendakwa sehingga kini beliau tidak menerima jawapan berhubung penjelasan yang dimintanya berhubung alasan tidak diberi tauliah kerana "kerana mempunyai rekod jenayah".

"Pada 30 Oktober 2009, JAIS kata lupakan, (kamu) tak diberi tauliah (sebab) tak layak," katanya sambil mendakwa tindakan JAIS itu dipengaruhi sikap MAIS dan campurtangan Umno dan BN.

Dalam sidang media di ibu pejabat PAS di Kuala Lumpur hari ini, Khalid juga menunjukkan gambar "bukti" yang didakwa menunjukkan Mohd Adzib menyokong BN.

Antara yang didedahkan gambar Mohd Adzib bersama ahli parlimen Hulu Selangor P Kamalanathan dalam majlis dalam perkarangan masjid ketika pilihan raya parlimen itu.

Dalam gambar tersebut, Kamalanathan memakai baju yang mempunyai logo BN.

"Saya minta dia (Mohd Adzib) jawab," kata Khalid yang juga yang dipertua PAS Shah Alam.

Ini kira macam kes Al-Ma'unah lah Che Det kan??

Posted: 08 Sep 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Ini aku petik dari wikipedia...tah betul ke tidak aku tak tau!!

Some people believed that the Sauk incident was stage managed by the Government of Malaysia under then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad. This belief was because of the apparent ease that the Al Ma'unah Group talked their way through the army guards into allowing them into the camp and seizing the arms and ammunition.

This ease projected a "shocking laxity in military discipline and security whereby vast cache of high-calibre weaponry could be robbed from two military camps, as it involves an unacceptable degree of military irresponsibility and negligence", according to opposition leader Lim Kit Siang. Kit Siang also questioned the death of the third person, Abdul Halim Ali, one of the gang members.[18]

The Parti Islam Se Malaysia or PAS reiterated their belief through its Secretary-General, Nasharuddin Mat Isa, when refusing to apologise to UMNO for accusing UMNO of stage managing the tragedy.[19]

Lim Kit Siang also questioned the Government's action in using the Internal Security Act to detain the 27 Al-Ma'unah members arrested at Bukit Jenalik on July 6, 2000 after the five-day arms heists and hostage taking and killings instead of charging them for robbery, kidnapping, firearms and murder is a major and multiple blow to the reputation and credibility of the Police, the Attorney-General, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister as its smacks of a "cover-up" operation and will undermine public confidence in the White Paper on the Al-Ma'unah arms heists and atrocities.[20]

The Al Ma'unah group was later charged under Section 121 of the Penal Code, conviction under which carries with it two penalties in the alternative, death or life imprisonment, and a third sentence that if the death penalty is not pronounced, a convicted person shall also be liable to a fine.

Dr M repeats conspiracies, says Arabs not capable of planning 9/11
By Clara Chooi September 08, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad continued today to back a conspiracy theory that the US government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks on its own soil, even as Americans prepared to mark the 10th anniversary of their nation's worst-ever terrorist attack.

He added that he could not believe Arab Muslims were capable of the planning required to launch such attacks against the United States.

File photo of the World Trade Center bursting into flames after being struck by an aircraft in New York in this September 11, 2001 file photo.
Dr Mahathir said the US government was responsible for the attacks, not Arab terrorists. — Reuters pic

The former prime minister repeated today the claims he had made last January, hinting that the attacks were staged as an excuse for the US government to retaliate against the Muslim world.

"This is the legacy of George W. Bush. If they can lie so as to kill Iraqis, Afghans and American soldiers, it is not unthinkable for Bush & Co to lie about who was responsible for 9/11. Human lives do not seem to mean much to Bush!!" he said in a blog posting today.

Standing by his theory, Dr Mahathir insisted that the Arab Muslims were incapable of planning such a well-strategised multi-pronged attack that saw the iconic twin towers of the New York World Trade Center crumble to the ground.

He backed his argument by pointing to an article by wire agency AFP that was published in English daily The Star last Friday, which said: "For some Americans, the deaths of nearly 3,000 people were not the scariest thing about 9/11. It was realising who carried out the attack: yes, the American government."

The line he quoted from the AFP story was part of an ironic piece about the number conspiracy theories that have mushroomed over the years.

"I believe Arab Muslims are angry enough to sacrifice their lives and become suicide bombers. More often they would kill other Arabs who may be quite innocent. Frequent targets are mosques at prayer time.

"But they or their handlers do not strike me as capable of planning and strategising such attacks so as to maximise the damage to the enemy," Dr Mahathir wrote.

But the 9/11 attack, he said, particularly the coverage given on the disaster by the American media, which saw many stones left unturned, reeked of suspicion.

He pointed out that the hijacking of four aircraft simultaneously would have required great precision in time and logistics, voicing doubt that terrorists from Saudi Arabia could have carried out such an operation with success.

"Then there was the collapse of the two towers hit by the aircraft. They came down nicely upon themselves without toppling against the other buildings close by.

"It looks more like planned demolition of buildings than collapse consequent upon being hit by aircraft," he said.

Dr Mahathir also pointed to the mysterious collapse of a third building which came down like the trade center despite not being hit by any aircraft.

"What is the explanation for this untouched building collapsing upon itself and not damaging other buildings nearby?" he asked.

Dr Mahathir then pointed again to the mysterious disappearance of the aircraft that hit the Pentagon building and the fourth plane that was supposed to have crashed in an open field.

"There was no debris of any kind, no broken parts of the aircraft, no black box, and no human bodies flung into the surroundings. Is it possible for an aircraft to vaporise totally after a crash?" he said.

The American media's uncharacteristic silence on the incident was suspicious, he said, pointing out that such incidents would typically be given full coverage, complete with revealing photographs and interviews with the relatives of the passengers who had died.

"It is now the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Bush lied about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and as a result, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans and a few thousand young American soldiers died, thousands more wounded, maimed for life, suffering mental breakdowns," he said.

Mat Sabu serang Bukit Bintang....

Posted: 07 Sep 2011 06:58 PM PDT

Setelah mempertahankan Mat Indera yang menyerang Bukit Kepong dalam tahun 1950, Mat Sabu telah bertekad untuk menyerang Bukit Bintang di dalam PRU13 akan datang.

Di sinilah katanya Mat Sabu akan menentang Najib Tun Razak.

Tempat ini dikatakan agak fair kerana tiada terdapat mana-mana kem tentera sementara undi posnya agak minima.

Tambahan lagi populariti Najib, menurut Merdeka Centre masih selesa dan beliau akan menang dengan mudah di mana-mana saja beliau memilih untuk bertanding di Malaysia ini. Manakala Mat Sabu pula memang suka dalam kedudukannya sebagai calun underdog.

Sama-samalah kita nantikan. Hmm...Najib ada berani ka?

Gambar (terkini) di atas dipetik dari Blog Umporno. Jahat betul puak2 ni...

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