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How can I make things right?

Posted: 30 May 2011 09:33 PM PDT

How can I make things right?

last month when i was in vacation in italy i met this cute guy that was working in the concierge. first we had some eye contact and blinking/smiling then he came and said hello so we met and decided to meet for coffee that afternoon.

- it was dangerous for him since it was forbidden for them to date guests. but we met and he was sooo sweet and nice and was obvious he liked me. he told me to write down his phone number etc.

-we made a date to go out for next evening and he actually took permission from his chief for that! but next day i had some second thoughts since i was just out of a relationship and cancelled the date with him in the last minute. he got dissapointed- which was obvious from his looks. anyhow in check out we saw each other and he told me to call him. because he actually visits my home town every month because of a job thing and asked me to show him around-meet me. which i acted stupidly and said stuff like - maybe- to him in that time!

- i never called him however next month i was in the same hotel and although he blinked etc. in check in and a few times he saw me he was flirty, he was finding excuses to meet me as i will be in trouble if my supervisor sees us. i wrote a note as i ll like to be a tour guide for you if you come to my town again and gave it to him in the concierge:D however when a friend casually asked him about it he said he will send me a message. he never did. it was a week ago.

- the thing is he acted weirdly. told that he will send a message and from his tone etc. everyone was sure that he would. also he sometimes was again flirty then formal in the concierge desk. why? he was the one chased me and i now am ready for him. how can i make things right?? also i might me in that hotel next month again. what should i do?? i dont want people to think i am chasing him ... but want to have a shot with him because he is a real decent guy...he never send me a message although i showed interest in him the second time. is he mad for the first time? if he doesnt want me anymore why did he blinked etc in check in ?? he could ave acted formally all the way. plus he could ve said to my friend that he has a new girl!

Answer on How can I make things right?

K, to be honest i didn't get a word but it sound like he likes you but he's scared to confront you in front of people.

What branches are Army OCS candidates usually put in?

Posted: 30 May 2011 09:00 PM PDT

I am doing my Army OCS Selection Board next month and I am curious about the branches and how likely it is that I will get what I want. I am hoping for Aviation, Engineering, Infantry or Artillery and I am dreading things like MI, Signal and Transportation. How likely am I to get Aviation if it is my first choice? And if I list my top 3 places to be stationed are Germany, Italy and South Korea, how likely will I be stationed there?

Answer on What branches are Army OCS candidates usually put in?

Max your PT and be squared away all around. The better you do at OCS, most likely you will graduate near the top of your class, and therefore get the branch you want. However, you must bear in mind that the branch you are assigned to, has more to do with the Army's needs. They put you where they need you. However, do not be discouraged and strive to do your best! You may get what you ask for.

As for station assignments, it all depends on where you are needed. Again, you go where the Army needs you. Right now, a lot of boots are needed on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq. Best way to look at it is this. Depending upon the branch you are assigned to (i.e. - Infantry, Field Artillery, etc.) and what kind of units are at various posts, will play a role in where your are assigned. For example, a Field Artillery officer is likely to be assigned to Fort Sill OK - home of the field artillery, Fort Bragg NC, Fort Lewis WA, Fort Richardson AK - places where Field Artillery units are.

Hope these help you out. These are based largely on my experiences with officers that I have dealt with, as I too am planning on becoming an officer. Best of luck to you. HOOAH!

Question about what i should do?

Posted: 30 May 2011 02:38 PM PDT


so i am on exchange from america to italy for this school year.

wednesdays, i have only one class

on tuesday night, it snowed about 3 inches

wednesdays i have to walk to school for about 30 min

i didnt want to walk through the snow getting all wet for one class (and it was an unimportant class)

so i wrote a text to my host mom saying that i wasnt going to school because of these reasons

in the message i asked it that was ok

she didnt reply

so i stayed anyway

when she got home, she saw me and was really surprised to see me

she asked why i wasnt at school

i gave her these reasons, showed her the text and everything

she said 'sorry, but you are on an exchange for school, not to stay at home....youre from colorado, a little snow wont hurt you, besides there isnt any snow on the roads'

i have three things about her response, 1, the exchange is not for the school, i dont even get any credit for going... 2, snow will still get me wet, even if im from colorado, and 3, the way i walk to school is through fields and alleys, places where snow WILL be, im not going to take the long way and walk on the roads....

so i said sorry that i didnt go

she said that it didnt matter to her and said 'do whatever you want'

i know she is mad, but what can i do to fix it, and what could i have done differently to avoid it?

Answer on Question about what i should do?

Personally i don't see how 3inches of snow stops you walking 30 mins to school, if you were worried about getting wet then why not wear wellington boots or take a spare pair of trousers with you to change when you get there, i can understand why she was angry because you had no legitimate reason for missing school.

Don't miss school at all in future, and show a bit more respect for your host mum.

1- wether the exchange is for school or not it's done through both schools and there for you must respect that.

2- yes snow will get you wet but thats not the end of the world, we all have to deal with it so why are you any different?

3- if you can't be bothered to walk a little longer and not get wet then you should walk the shorter way and put up with getting wet.

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