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Surat Terbuka Deepak kepada Mahathir

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 10:39 PM PST

KUALA LUMPUR: Deepak Jaikishan hari ini menghantar surat terbuka kepada bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun  Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengulangi sejarah suratnya kepada bekas Perdana Menteri, Tunku Abdul Rahman sebelum ini.

Surat ini dibuat Deepak bagi memberitahu Dr Mahathir, bahawa beliau sedia menerima nasihatnya dan inilah yang beliau buat sejak  dua tahun lalu.

Namun segala usahanya tidak mendatangkan hasil kerana pentadbiran Datuk Seri Najib Razak tidak peduli kepadanya.

Deepak membuat surat ini ekoran nasihat Dr Mahathir kepada Najib agar 'jangan pedulikan Deepak' (Ignore Deepak) sebagaimana yang disiarkan oleh media sebelum ini.

Mahathir berkata, isu Deepak patut diselesaikan melalui proses mahkamah.

Berikut adalah surat penuh Deepak yang dibuat dalam Bahasa Inggeris kepada Tun Dr Mahathir.

Open letter to Tun Mahathir  13/02/2013 

Dear Tun,

I refer to your statement "Ignore Deepak" as your advice to DS Najib & DS Rosmah, I also take heed of your advice to me to seek the courts involvement and not use political channels to claim my rights and remedies.


For your kind information, this is exactly what I have been doing the last 2 years from 2010 till to date and the courts have been fair and granted Judgment in my favor, however Najib's administration is "ignoring" these Judgments and evidence produced in Courts and almost all the Government Institutions have either swept DS Rosmah dirt under the carpet or just not replying to our various written testimonies and Courts Judgment; as such I would like to seek Tun's advice. What would Tun do in my place? Being of similar paternal ancestral background I am sure what I put forward in this letter would be exactly what Tun would have done in my situation or already done under different circumstances when Tun wrote the "historic 17th.June 1969" open Letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman.


I was raided by Bank Negara Malaysia in 2010 for foreign currency exchange through money changers amounting to substantial amount of Singapore Dollars and US Dollars. The investigation was for a period of six (6) weeks and we divulged that the foreign currency was delivered to DS Najib & DS Rosmah as payments for various deals that I had acted on as their conduit including Bangunan Angkasa Raya, Bukit Raja Land and Glomac Tower (Now known as Wisma Prestige).The matter was not pursued any further.

I was also asked to be part of an investigation by MACC into the sale of an office Building at KLCC to an International Islamic Bank, we had proved through payment slips, video statements and written testimony that I was merely acting as a conduit for DS Najib and DS Rosmah and monies were given by hand to both of them in various occasions over a period of two (2) years, Dato' Jamidan a senior Director of MACC who was also involved in the Sime Darby case.

Now why it is after such clear incriminating evidence till to date there has been no investigation on DS Rosmah, DS Najib or D.Nazim? This takes selective prosecution  to an entirely different level doesn't it? How does Tun suggest I seek duress then? Let's talk about my Court experience now.


I had bought a 200 acres piece of land from Raja Ropiah in 2007 who is now UMNO Selangor Wanita Chief and BN Wanita Chief. We paid her cash RM 13,000,000.00 and issued a Land Bond (Bank Guarantee) of RM 72,500,000.00 to complete the purchase consideration. Raja Ropiah after collecting the money, purposely delayed the issuance of the Land Title to us by completely neglecting her responsibilities to deliver this Land Title and in the sly by committing CBT sold the land to another company at a higher price and also collecting close to RM 90,000,000.00 in cash and Bank Guarantees from them, this too while our "Land Bond" was still valid and collecting Rm 13,000,000.00 from us in cash. We also paid as disclosed in open court RM 8,000,000.00 to DS Najib family. I have lodged police reports and to date zero action has been taken on Raja Ropiah and the other "R"

Instead I had to go through a harrowing experience of receiving a Foreclosure notice called a "16 D" by non other that DS Najib brother's; D Johari Razak law firm Shearn Delamore exactly 24 hours after my press conference informing the media of the corruption and malpractice of this couple. Tun, pray advice me which bank does a foreclosure without even going through the legal process involved?

Anyway by sheer "coincidence" their foreclosure was for RM 30,000,000.00 and Boustead Holding suddenly appears out of nowhere to agree to Purchase our Company that owns this 200 Acre letter under the name of Asta Canggih Sdn Bhd for the same RM 30,000,000.00 !! Wonders of Wonders right ? The best part is Boustead also paid us in "advance" before signing the Agreement on condition that we withdraw the case from the courts immediately as the open court  date was in the same week, Now Tun, please advice me what you would have done in this circumstances?? The best part is that Raja Ropiah was paid a further RM 29,000,000.00 as her "sentence" for the CBT.


We had sold a building to a subsidiary of an International Islamic Bank in 2008 and they defaulted in the payment to us in 2010 when the new shareholders came in, now we won this landmark case in court via a Judgment on 07th November 2012 and the Court Judgment found that an International Islamic Bank;-

a)  used unlawful means to conspire against us with the predominant purpose of injuring us

b)  Committed breach of the Letter of Undertaking they issued to us

c)  Involved in the issuance & release of fraudulent letters to injure us and our business

The bank was also exposed in open court of:-

i) Cheating its Depositors by purchasing Assets using an "associate" company where they initially claimed ownership of 19% but in actual fact owned 100% through A  "Declaration of Trust Deed" which they later were forced to admit in open Court upon the presentation of the "Declaration of Trust Deed"

ii) Cheating the various statutory bodies like Bank Negara Malaysia, SC, FIC and ROC by using these Malaysian nominees' shareholders to circumvent foreign ownership declarations and Approvals required.

iii) Cheat Bank Negara Malaysia, by showing loans exceeding its own Paid up Capital at the material time as loans to third party Companies when in fact it was loans to its own subsidiary.


We had written to Bank Negara Malaysia to take necessary action against this International Islamic Bank as per the Banking Laws:-

a) Removing the CEO immediately

b) Limiting or revoking the Bank's License to prevent the Bank from taking Depositors

c) Having the Bank announce this unlawful conspiracy and breach to depositors and share holders in Malaysia & the middle east where it is a Public Listed Company and  also Governed by a Board of Trustees.


My numerous letters to Tan Sri Zeti and the Board of Directors of Bank Negara Malaysia till to date have remained unreplied, why? Because Bank Negara knows that D Rosmah and D Nazim was involved in the Building sale, why? Because our written and video testimony to MACC in 2011 has confirmed the involvement of both D Rosmah and D Nazim in the transcript including evidence of payments made.

Hence, Tun, having a court Judgment is not enough today in Malaysia where even our most sacred Institution Bank Negara Malaysia sings to the tune of D Rosmah and no longer "I did it my way" anymore.

May I ask Tun, do you want to see Barisan Nasional and Malaysia destroyed by these blatantly corrupt couple, I seek your advice, What do I do after going to Court and winning the case? All the institution is under the control of this Bonnie & Clyde couple? Where do we go from here? The International Court of Justice? The Media? Or The Opposition? Please advice me through your Wisdom Tun as I am both perplexed and disgusted with what has happened to Malaysia the last 11 years through the paralysis of our Government

I am sadly disappointed with Tun's press statement asking that I be ignored, how can I be ignored when we are defending the same country's dignity and integrity. Maybe Tun is listening to the wrong people who tell Tun that I am working with the opposition to topple the Government, Tun I am a nationalist, I won't help anyone topple my country's dignity, No ONE.

Tun, you yourself have said that Najib is very weak, which is a reality, the Chinese know the level of corruption is not going to end and the Malays know that only a handful of "elite" Malays get very rich and the rest rely on scholarship, KR1M, BR1M and DR1M, eventually we all will become beggars or maids at the rate things are going where our debt will hit RM 1 Trillion by 2014. Everyone knows that Najib is Santa Claus PM giving "cash" to everybody to win by BRIBING THE NATION!! Everyone knows the real PM is Rosmah and Najib is just the happy Santa Claus PM.

My concern is not only about the country going into riots during or after election but also if the military takes control in all the chaos that will precede a dirty election. With the risk of facing the severe consequences of my words, I ask that Tun M propose that Najib be asked to resign and his deputy to lead a refreshed BN into the election mode which must happen in the next 60 days.


I hope that my letter is accepted by Tun in as sincere a manner that it is written for and that no matter how bitter the truth is, it will still remain the truth and will always prevail over the lies and denials of Plunderers and Murderers.

Yours Sincerely,


Nak tanya kat Ketua Penerangan UMporNO Pandan, yang hang buat tu tak Haram ya? .....

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 10:13 PM PST

Kat atas itu ialah image dari status FB Syed Saifuddin Syed Harman, beliau adalah Ketua Penerangan UMNO Bahagian Pandan dan salah seorang panel pemikir JASA.

Beliau menulis begitu berikutan satu insiden yang akupun tak tahu.. katanya "Masyaallah!! Kita bagitahu penyokong tegar PKR ini.. jangan lebih lebih, sampai tak dapat bezakan antara haram dan halal.

Dengan tersebarnya gambar beliau sedang menjalani rawayan KUKU istimewa dari tiga wanita di sebuah spa yang didedah facebooker membuktikan beliau adalah seorang yang hipokrit.

Ataupu dalam lain ayat.. cakap tak serupa bikin sepertimana yang dilakukan oleh kebanyakkan pemimpin UMNO/BN..

Lihat bagaimana beliau membezakan antara halal dan haram dalam gambar di bawah ini.

Bagaimanapun katanya itu bukanlah satu isu kerana pintu SPA tersebut terbuka dan terdedah kepada orang ramai..

Jika diperhatikan antara tiga orang pekerja wanita yang sedang membersihkan kuku Ketua Penerangan UMNO Pandan itu, dua yang sedang beroperasi di sekitar kaki beliau memakai sarung tangan tetapi tidak pula seorang lagi yang sedang membersihkan kuku tangannya..

Jadi adakah bersentuhan kulit antara lelaki dan perempuan itu halal hanya kerana ianya terdedah kepada orang ramai?

Mungkin ini fatwa anutan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO.. maka sebab itulah kita telah menyaksikan Mashitah telah mencium tangan Pak Lah.. lihat di ( SINI )

Sumber info - Van Vandetta ..menurutnya beliau terbaca di ( Bloglist )

"Are u ready 4 BN - Noooo" .... Depa kata ada sabotaj pulak ...hahaha

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:09 PM PST

BN Pulau Pinang syak ada pihak sabotaj Majlis Rumah Terbuka
13 Februari 2013
Penyanyi Korea, Psy berjaya menarik ribuan pengunjung membanjiri Majlis Rumah Terbuka 1Malaysia Tahun Baru Cina anjuran Barisan Nasional di Georgetown semalam. - Foto Bernama
GEORGETOWN - Barisan Nasional (BN) Pulau Pinang mengesyaki ada pihak tertentu menghantar sekumpulan ahlinya untuk sabotaj Majlis Rumah Terbuka Tahun Baru Cina anjuran Barisan Nasional Pulau Pinang di Padang Sekolah Tinggi Han Chiang, kelmarin.

Pengerusinya, Teng Chang Yeow berkata, beliau percaya kumpulan melaungkan perkataan 'No' (tidak) ketika Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak bertanyakan kepada orang ramai 'Are you ready for BN' (adakah kamu bersedia bersama BN) adalah kumpulan dihantar untuk merosakkan majlis.

"Bukan semua yang hadir melaungkan 'tidak'. Kita ada rakaman video yang menunjukkan sebahagian besar pengunjung melaungkan 'ya' apabila perdana menteri bertanyakan soalan itu beberapa kali.

"Saya percaya mereka dihantar untuk sabotaj rumah terbuka yang kita anjurkan ini dan kita dapati ada beberapa pengunjung yang hadir turut memakai baju seperti yang disarankan Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng," katanya kepada Sinar Harian, semalam.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas tindakan segelintir pengunjung yang menyahut seruan Najib dengan berkata 'tidak' kepada BN sebelum persembahan bintang Korea Selatan, PSY yang popular dengan tarian Gangnam dan artis tempatan Shila Amzah.

Chang Yeow berkata, sekiranya kumpulan yang melaungkan perkataan 'tidak' itu adalah ahli mahupun penyokong BN, ia adalah satu perkara yang membimbangkan.

TERKINI : Lagi Mahasiswa diserang di Pekan - kali ini menggunakan parang

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 08:13 PM PST

     Mahasiswa sedang membuat laporan polis.


Pembaca Berita RTM yang bengong ...

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:03 AM PST

Pembaca Berita RTM kata penyokong Pakatan Rakyat bengong sebab percaya video 'Yes for Psy, No for BN'..

Aku tercari-cari apa yang telah ditulis oleh seorang pembaca berita dari RTM yang cuba mahu menafikan rakyat Pulau Pinang mengatakan 'Yes for Psy, No for BN' tetapi dah tak ada.. mungkin dia dah delete..

Oleh kerana aku tak jumpa maka aku copy n paste dari blog AmenoWorld apa yang pembaca berita RTM itu telah tulis diwall FaceBook miliknya..

Dia kata penyokong Pembangkang (Pakatan Rakyat) bengong..

Ini apa yang dia tulis menurut AmenoWorld..

manusia tidak pernah puas. semuanya serba salah. beri salah tak beri salah. psy dtg msia dah buat konsert kira bagus la. bukan duit rakyat yg diguna pakai pun. tak caj duit tiket pun. free for all.. dah tu ada pulak puak2 bengong yang jerit kat videocam sendiri NO bila PM tanya R U READY FOR BN.

bhgn majoriti besar yang jawab YES tak di upload ke internet pulak :-p. apa pun sejak berita rtm pkl 10 mlm semalam RTM dah siar dlm berita VISUAL yang majoriti jawab YES bila PM tanya R U READY FOR BN.

apa lah bengong pembangkang. tak sedar ke semua stesen tv dengan kamera2 yg canggih merakam semua perlakuan di lokasi?! tinggal balik dan preview je utk dpt kebenaran fakta.

bengong2 yg setakat jerit kat dvcam masing2, baik balik rumah buat 'home video' hantar kat program 'BEST HOME VIDEO'

pendek kata, berhemah lah jikalau hendak bergaduh pun. hv some 'class'..

Dua video dibawah menyerlahkan siapa yang bengong sebenarnya dan ianya juga membuktikan bahawa video yang telah diupload ke dalam FaceBook bukanlah video yang telah diedit sepertimana yang didakwa kebanyakan pencacai-pencacai UMNO..


Ini pula apa yang Channel New Asia siarkan..

Siapa BENGONG sekarang?? Pembaca Berita yang bernama Suriani Abdul Rahman atau Penyokong Pakatan Rakyat??

- Anak Sungai Derhaka

Lepas kena boooo di Penang, lepas orang Penang say NO to BN, hari ni Najib umum lagi BRIM 3.0 dan 4.0 .... hahahaha bagi la sampai BRIM 10.0 rakyat tetap tolak BN

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 01:39 AM PST

           By Shahrum Sayuthi and Ben Tan | 

MS : Dia nak bagi kita ambik la,  jangan tak ambik. Tapi pangkah nanti tetap PAKATAN 

Najib upah samseng pukul Mahasiswa di Pekan?

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 12:48 AM PST

PENGERUSI Gerakan Mahasiswa Sertai Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (GM13), Syis Abdul Kadir mengesahkan, salah seorang aktivisnya, Ihsan Bukhari (baju merah) dipukul kira-kira jam 1.00 petang tadi semasa berkempen di Kampung Teluk dalam Parlimen Pekan.

Beliau berkata, mangsa dipukul oleh sekumpulan samseng yang tidak dikenali, dipercayai khalayak tempatan demi mempertahan tapak sokongan rakyat terhadap terhadap Perdana Menteri merangkap Ahli Parlimen Pekan, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"Kami menang tidak kenal (samseng tersebut), tetapi, serangan terhadap mangsa dipercayai untuk halang kempen mahasiswa seru rakyat tolak Najib," ujar beliau menerusi telefon sebentar tadi.

Syis yang juga Presiden Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam Universiti Malaya (PMiUM) berkata, pihaknya dalam perjalanan ke balai polis berdekatan untuk membuat aduan lanjut.

Sementara itu, gambar mangsa dipukul oleh samseng di Pekan disebar secara meluas di laman sosial Facebook.

Pengerusi Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM), Safwan Anang yang disebut-sebut sebagai calon mahasiswa yang bakal menentang Najib di Pekan pula berkata, insiden tersebut menyerlahkan wajah sebenar Najib.

"(Budaya samseng) inilah simbol kempen 1Malaysia dan program (kempen) terbaru My Beautiful Malaysia adalah tipu belaka.

"Kalau budaya samseng itu tidak diupah oleh Najib secara langsung sekalipun, insiden itu membayangkan Presiden Umno itu tidak berupaya mengekang amarah penyokongnya sekarang.

"Insiden itu membayangkan bahawa kemungkinan penyokong Najib sendiri akan mencetuskan huru-hara jika Umno tewas di Putrajaya kerana itu pun isyarat yang sedang diberikan sejak dalam Perhimpunan Agung Umno (PAU) lepas," ujar beliau semasa dihubungi kemudian.

Justeru, beliau menyeru mahasiswa bermula sekarang supaya mendesak Najib memberikan jaminan bahawa proses peralihan kuasa mesti dilakukan secara aman semasa Umno tewas pilihan raya umum nanti. - sumber

Kopitiam Bang Nan

sumber :-

Kopitiam Bang Nan

Ahah!! Ini cerita Deepak...Latest!!

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 04:30 AM PST

Order for Altantuya murder came from Najib, Baginda was sexually impotent - Deepak claims

Written By Deepak Jaikishan
SD 1 (statutory declaration 1) was written by Bala upon the request and promises made by his friends & lawyers. He was also advised on the content by senior Pakatan leaders who are also lawyers like Sivarasa and others.
Due to the proximity to the September 16 deadline set by DSAI (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim), it was not just a coincidence that Bala SD 1 happened in July of the same year, the BN MPs especially in Sabah were demoralized by Pak Lah (Abdullah Badawi) and DSAI knew that politically this was the perfect time for him to take over the Government through the defections of MPs especially from Sabah.
Anyway Pakatan had won the majority votes in the 2008 GE and the majority of the voters wanted this change to happen, it was important however for DSAI to expose the wrongdoing of the DPM& his wife and their direct involvement in the Altantuya murder case as in the event Pak Lah was to resign before September 16, Najib would come in as PM and lift the morale of the BN MPs thus preventing the September 16 to become a reality.
Instructions to kill Altantuya came from the then DPM
It's important to note that the exposure of the Altantuya murder was also planned to coincide with the confession of one of the participants on the night of the gruesome C4 incident. This person had actually prepared a SD to confirm that he had:-
a) been instructed to commit the crime by his immediate superior
b) His immediate superior had taken instructions from the then DPM
c) This person changed his mind only after SD 2 was published
Rosmah told me to remove spicy details: Baginda "tak boleh erect"
Now although I believe DSAI should not have been directly sitting beside Bala when SD 1 was made, I know for a fact that all monies paid to Bala was from a lawyer known to Pakatan at that time and that Bala was paid to recover monies that he was promised by Razak Baginda for his services which was never paid by Baginda.
Now SD 2 was instructed by Datin Rosmah to me to remove certain facts & certain "spicy" details in the affair between Najib & Altantuya, I honestly don't know whether Altantuya was pregnant and with whose baby but I do know that Razak Baginda was chosen to "take care' of her for Najib not because Najib trusted him but the truth be told, Razak Baginda is actually impotent and I don't mean important but "IMPOTENT" as in "tak boleh errect"
As explained in great detail previously, the changing of SD 1 to SD 2 was successful but the events thereafter were chaotic, I guess because the Spirit of Altantuya was angry as a serious miscarriage of Justice had been done and unfortunately I got dragged in to this murky event just to help a friend but paid the price with losing my peace of mind and image over the last 5 years.
Bala was promised RM 3,000,000.00 by Najib's brother Nazim but was only paid a portion, he repeatedly called me and Nazim's friend but did Datin Rosmah did not allow me to get involved with him anymore nor was Nazim allowed to also.
Had Rosmah & Najib just kept their word to Altantuya & Bala and paid them this small sum all this would never have happened but I guess sheer arrogance and greed ruled as they thought as PM they had "super power" and demi god status. Alas for them demi god they may be today in Malaysia but the almighty is very angry with them and yang Maha Berkuasa is "ALLAH" not this husband & wife.
Be "very careful": PM wanted to silence me
After Bala's endless PCs and media exposure, I was called to come to MACC to be investigated. I informed Datin Rosmah about this and she told me to delay them for a week or so, which I did. Imagine to my utter shock that the Income Tax Department sent about 50 officers to my office, house, factories and other addresses to "RAID" my business and carted away 6 lorries full of Files & Documents
Then I realized that the PM wanted to silence me, get all my documents and proof of payments and not to tell the truth about SD 2 to the MACC and Police, I called Datin Rosmah regarding the LHDN matter and she feigned ignorance saying that she did not know anything about it and had no control over them.
I met her the next morning in her house in Jalan Duta and she told me to be "very careful" with what I disclose to MACC as many officers and directors in MACC are pro opposition and will use my testimony to create problems for her husband.
90% of all problems in Malaysia caused by Indians!
Datin Rosmah asked me to deny knowing Bala and deny being involved in SD 2, she also told me not to worry as no one will believe Bala as he was Indian and as such known to be not credible.
I told her Datin, I am also Indian, how can you expect me to say that and her reply was as quoted " Deepak, 90% of all the problems caused in Malaysia are by 10% of your Indian community", the MACC won't believe him and anyway her husband had already spoken to the DG to keep this matter silent and let it remain off the radar.
Of course I was upset with her statement about my Indian ethnicity but with the Income Tax matter and other business I was involved with at that time, I decided to remain silent on this although her words are still embedded in my heart. Datin Rosmah should look at the list of successful Indians in the United States & Europe and realize that the Indians if given a level playing field, will do well anywhere under the Sun as we are both intelligent and hard working people.
MACC did not dare to act
Going back to the SD 2, my testimony to MACC was based on instructions of Datin Rosmah due to the dominate she had over me at that time.
I have taken steps to inform MACC of the truth in 2011 through my meeting with Dato' Jamidan who is a senior Director with MACC at his office with evidence of payments made from proceeds of Glomac Tower to a subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House made to Dato Najib & Datin Rosmah and he has recorded all this statements both by video and my written statements but to date no action have been taken against either of them.
I wonder what is left of the credibility of our enforcement institution, like the Police & MACC that have all become tools of Najib & Family Incorporated.
Even in Indonesia the Anti Corruption bureau is independent. Will Malaysia continue to be controlled by these 2 people??? Have everyone become LAME DUCKS in front of the SITTING DUCK & THE WITCH.
(Deepak Jaikishan is a former close friend of Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak who was the Deputy Prime Minister at the time of Bala's controversial  statutory declarations made in 2008. Both Najib and Rosmah have denied ever knowing Altantuya, who was murdered in Malaysia in 2006 allegedly due to her threat to expose the Najibs and Razak Baginda for purported corruption in the federal government's purchase of two Scorpene submarines worth some RM7.3bil.)

dollah yankee

sumber :-

dollah yankee

Tunggu apa lagi?! Jom Balik Undi!

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 12:45 AM PST

Kempen 'Jom Balik Undi' telah di-ilhamkan olih rakyat Malaysia yang tinggal di-luar negara agar dapat pulang ke tanah air untuk mengundi pada PRU-13 ini bagi merealisasikan impian ke arah Malaysia yang lebih baik dan masa depan yang lebih cerah dan gemilang.

dollah yankee -
Siapa mereka ini semua nak undi? Tak kan susah-susah buat kempen ajak balik kampong untuk mengundi, mereka nak undi BN/umno?

Penonton PSY

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 09:47 PM PST

dollah yankee -
Makcik-makcik, pakcik-pakcik ini semua diangkut dengan bas dari Tasek Gelugor, Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang.
"Pukoi 7.30 pagi sampai pukoi 3 petang.Dah stand-by sebab depa nak angkut dengan bas. Makan free tapi kena berebut laa, kalu tak berebut, kalu dok buat malu-malu, tak makan lah jawab dia. Sampai diTasek Gelugor depa bagi 10 ringgit saja?!..HARAMJADAH betoii..!".


sumber :-


Siasat 11 projek BN Kedah rugi RM403 juta

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:10 PM PST

KUALA LUMPUR: Teras Pengupayaan Melayu (Teras) menggesa pendedahan terhadap kerugian yang didakwa bernilai RM403 juta dalam 11 projek awam ketika kerajaan BN memerintah negeri Kedah perlu mendapat penjelasan daripada pentadbiran ketika itu dan pihak Jabatan Audit Negara perlu membuat siasatan.

Presidennya, Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid berkata, jumlah kerugian yang dinyatakan itu sangat signifikan bagi negeri seperti Kedah yang bukan sahaja memberi kesan  kepada aliran kewangan pembendaharaan negeri malah boleh menjejaskan integriti kerajaan di kaca mata kerajaan Pusat dan institusi kewangan.

"Kami mempersoalkan bagaimana pihak kerajaan persekutuan mengawal projek-projek awam di negeri yang menggunakan peruntukan Kerajaan Pusat. Jika perbelanjaan tersebut dikeluar di zaman BN memerintah negeri Kedah sewajarnya semua dokumen yang ada dalam agensi-agensi pelaksana pusat dan negeri disiasat," ujarnya dalam satu kenyataan.

Beliau berpendapat jika segala pengurusan 11  projek tersebut berjalan mengikut prosedur, pihak ketua kerajaan di zaman BN itu tidak perlu takut untuk memberi penjelasan asalkan fakta dan rekod yang ada tidak diselewengkan.

Read More / Baca Lagi >>

Deepak pohon perlindungan saksi kepada Peguam Negara

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:08 PM PST

PUTRAJAYA: Peniaga permaidani, Deepak Jaikishan hari ini menyerahkan permohonan untuk mendapatkan perlindungan sebagai saksi kepada Peguam Negara di pejabatnya dekat sini hari ini.

(Deepak menunjukkan dokumen yang beliau ada kepada Mahfuz dan rakan-rakannya dalam pertemuan mereka 6 Februari lepas)

Deepak ditemani oleh Naib Presiden PAS, Datuk Mahfuz Omar dan Peguam Asmuni Awi.

Permohonan itu dibuat untuk membolehkan Deepak mendedahkan segala yang beliau tahu berkaitan dengan pembikinan Akuan Bersumpah kedua yang dibuat oleh P Balasubramaniam berkaitan pembunuhan wanita Monggolia, Altantuya Shariibuu.

Sebelum ini, Deepak mendakwa beliau terlibat dalam pembikinan SD 2 selepas diminta oleh rakan rapatnya ketika itu, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.
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Samseng UMNO : Siswi pula diserang dengan parang di Pekan

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:07 PM PST

PEKAN: Dua siswa dan dua siswi diserang oleh individu yang tidak dikenali dengan parang di Felda Chini 4 pagi ini.

Mereka diserang ketika sedang mengedarkan risalah dan surat 'Harapan mahasiswa untuk rakyat Pekan'.

Serangan itu berlaku ketika mereka sedang mengedarkan surat itu dari rumah ke rumah di kawasan Felda berkenaan pagi ini.

Ini adalah kejadian kedua selepas mahasiswa turun berkempen di kawasan parlimen Datuk Seri Najib Razak itu.

Jam 1 tengahari semalam, tiga mahasiswa telah ditendang dan ditumbuk oleh lelaki yang tidak dikenali di Kampung Datuk Keramat, Ganchong, Pekan.

Mereka disekat ketika mengedarkan surat yang sama kepada pengundi di kampung berkenaan.

Ekoran itu, satu laporan polis telah dibuat di Balai Polis Pekan mengenainya.

Dalam kejadian itu, mereka mendakwa kereta yang mereka naiki  disekat, kemudian diminta kad pengenalan.

Selepas itu, mereka ditarik dari kereta dan ditumbuk serta dibelasah oleh orang tidak dikenali itu.

Najib tunda lagi PRU13 kerana maklumat ‘dalaman’?

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:05 PM PST

KUALA LUMPUR: Jadual di bawah ialah rumusan jumlah di mana maklumat dalaman 'mereka' sendiri menyatakan bahawa mereka akan hilang kerusi jika Pilihan raya Umum (PRU) diadakan hujung tahun lepas.

Table 1: The possible outcome in GE13.
1 PERLIS 1 2
2 KEDAH 13 2
5 PENANG 12 1
6 PERAK 18 6
7 PAHANG 5 9
12 MELAKA 2 4
13 JOHOR 12 14
14 LABUAN 1 0
15 SABAH 12 13
16 SARAWAK 16 15

145 77

Justeru, bagi Penyelaras Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM), Badrul Hisham Shaharin atau CheGuBard, tidak kisah sama ada anda bersetuju atau tidak bahawa Umno BN akan kehilangan Putrajaya pada PRU13 nanti.

No To BN : Puas Najib pujuk gaul yee sang ~ PSY tetap enggan menjadi kuda politik BN !

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:04 PM PST

Best Blogger Tips
Petanda jelas BN dah hujung hujung hayat!!!!

Nyawa BN hanya bergantung kepada PENIPUAN SPR.. jika SPR mengiakan UNDI TIPU,maka BN bertahan.. jika SPR be a NUTRAL.. adil dan saksama.. PR akan mengambil aleh kerajaan Malaysia dan memulakan sebuah kerajaan baru yang lebih baik.. Lantas negara akan terselamat dari puak puak penyamun!!! maka mereka bakal memenuhi lokap lokap penjara Sungai Buluh pula!!! begitulah takdir yang ditentukanNYA.

Saksikan EPISOD MEMALUKAN.. jemputan BN untuk PSY sama sama menggaul Yee Sang tidak dilayan..

Selain dimalukan oleh ribuan rakyat Pulau Pinang yang menolak BN secara terang-terang bila memberikan jawapan 'NO' kepada soalan Najib yang berbunyi 'Are U ready for BN'.. Perdana Menteri Malaysia juga telah dimalukan oleh Psy.

Apa yang jelas disini ialah Psy menunjukkan kepada rakyat Malaysia bagaimana mahu mengajar pemerintah yang korup bukan kurap.. he..he..

Beliau telah menerima jemputan Barisan Nasional tetapi dalam masa yang sama beliau mengelak dari dijadikan alat politik oleh UMNO/BN.

Pengajaran buat seluruh rakyat Malaysia disini ialah apa saja yang Barisan Nasional berikan sila ambil tapi jangan undi UMNO/BN..
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No To BN : Dah Malu, Tuduh Pakatan Rakyat 'Sabotaj' Majlis Sendiri??

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 08:55 PM PST

Pengerusi BN Pulau Pinang, Teng Chang Yeow mengesyaki majlis rumah terbuka sempena Tahun Baru Cina anjuran parti itu, yang turut dihadiri perdana menteri pada hari Ahad lalu kononnya disabotaj pihak tertentu.

Teng dalam laporan akhbar Sinar Harian itu berkata demikian dengan merujuk kepada tindakan kumpulan tersebut, dalam majlis berkenaan, yang melaungkan "Tidak" apabila ditanya Najib Altantuya sama ada sedia untuk memilih BN.

"Saya percaya mereka dihantar untuk sabotaj rumah terbuka yang kita anjurkan ini dan kita dapati ada beberapa pengunjung yang hadir turut memakai baji seperti yang disarankan Setiausaha Agung, DAP Lim Guan Eng," katanya seperti dipetik akhbar itu.

Dalam ucapannya itu, Najib Altantuya antara lainnya bertanya para pengunjung sama ada mereka bersedia untuk menyaksikan persembahan rap Korea Selatan, Oppa Gangnam Style nyanyian Psy.

Najib Altantuya mengulangi soalan itu sebanyak empat kali dan para hadirin berkenaan menyahut "Ya" dengan bersemangat.

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Najib terus tipu rakyat Kelantan !!

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 08:30 PM PST

Merempat Di Negara Sendiri : 'Pulangkan tanah kami'

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 08:00 PM PST

Minah di rumah usang yang didiaminya.
Maznun (kiri) menunjukkan telaga yang digunakan sebagai sumber air di rumahnya.
Kamariah berhajat membina rumah yang lebih selesa jika tanah di situ diserahkan kepadanya.
BANDAR TUN ABDUL RAZAK JENGKA - Beberapa pemilik rumah yang menetap di kampung Melayu bandar ini atau juga dikenali sebagai Matau merayu pihak berwajib mengembalikan semula tanah yang mereka teroka dan diami sejak lebih 40 tahun lalu.

Penduduk, Kamariah Othman, 69, berkata, mereka mahukan hak milik tanah itu supaya dapat membina penempatan yang lebih selesa.

"Sekiranya tanah ini diserahkan kepada kami, dapatlah kami membaiki rumah kami yang uzur ini.

"Kalau dapat diberikan walaupun hanya satu lot tanah, sudah memadai memandangkan di sinilah tempat kami mencari rezeki sejak sekian lama," katanya.

Kamariah berkata, isu penempatan di Matau sudah beberapa kali disiarkan media termasuk akhbar ini, malah sebahagian penduduk juga telah membuat bantahan selain turut mengambil tindakan mahkamah.

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Pengkhianat Negara : Kroni PM lelong tanah rakyat Johor kepada pelabur asing

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:58 PM PST

IskandarSKUDAI 13 FEB: Tanah rakyat Johor yang dirembat secara haram sedang dilelong kepada pelabur asing oleh kroni Perdana Menteri untuk pembangunan bersepadu Iskandar Malaysia, kata Naib Pengerusi KEADILAN Johor, Hasan Karim.
Dedah beliau, semua tanah berkenaan dilelong kepada pelabur Eropah, China, Hong Kong dan Singapura.
Akibatnya, penduduk yang memiliki plot tanah kecil menjadi mangsa rampasan secara sistematik selepas disatukan atas nama pembangunan tersebut.
"Dari Sungai Danga, Sungai Perling sampai ke Tanjung Pelepas, kebanyakan tanah diberi pada KPRJ (Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor).
"Tapi bukan KPRJ yang bangun dan uruskan. Tanah ini digadai kepada Danga Bay yang dipunyai Lim Kang Hoo, kroni Najib Razak dan Ghani Othman," kata Hasan.
"Dulu DPMJ (Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Johor) nak majukan, tapi ditolak. Sekarang di Lido Boulevard, dari depan Masjid Abu Bakar sampai Marin Shahbandar dimiliki tauke judi, Vincent Tan," katanya lagi pada Ceramah Umum KEADILAN di Taman Skudai Indah, di sini semalam.
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Kewajipan membentuk kerajaan yang adil

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:56 PM PST

Abdul Karim bin Ahmad Fauzi,
*Artikel ini merupakan pemenang saguhati pertandingan menulis esei berdasarkan ayat al-Quran Surah an-Nisa ayat 58.

Allah SWT telah berfirman di dalam Surah An-Nisa' ayat ke-58 yang bermaksud,

"Sesungguhnya Allah menyuruh kamu supaya menyerahkan segala jenis amanah kepada ahlinya (yang berhak menerimanya), dan apabila kamu menjalankan hukum di antara manusia, (Allah menyuruh) kamu menghukum dengan adil. Sesungguhnya Allah dengan (suruhan-Nya) itu memberi pengajaran yang sebaik – baiknya kepada kamu. Sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa Mendengar, lagi sentiasa Melihat."

Imam Al-Qurtubi di dalam kitabnya Al-Jami' li-Ahkam al-Quran menjelaskan bahawa ayat ini merupakan salah satu daripada ayat-ayat  berkenaan dengan pentadbiran Islam yang merangkumi kesemua aspek agama serta undang-undangnya.

Ayat ini merupakan peringatan kepada pemimpin, penggubal undang-undang, hakim, serta mereka yang bertanggungjawab terhadap pelaksanakan undang-undang yang termaktub supaya menjalankan amanah dengan adil dan saksama.
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Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:30 PM PST

Lihat dengan mata kepala sendiri betapa layanan yang amat jauh berbeza antara rakyat dengan bakal menantu Najib dan Rosmah semasa di Rumah Terbuka Tahun Baru Cina Peringkat Kebangsaan di Pulau Pinang semalam.

Anak-anak dan bakal menantu kesayangan Najib dan Rosmah dilayan seperti VVIP mengalahkan pembesar-pembesar negara sedangkan rakyat biasa terpakas berebut-rebut dibawah pancaran sinaran matahari terik untuk mendapatkan sesuap sejadah.

Beginikah rakyat dilayan sebagai tetamu oleh UMNO/BN?

Bila nak undi pandai mengemis dan merayu.... tetapi dalam masa yang sama dilayan tak ubah macam orang pelarian yang kelaparan.

Dahlah makanan tak cukup, diburukkan lagi apabila  dilayan macam banduan penjara!!!.

Catatan buat mahasiswa mahu bertanding dan dipukul samseng UMNO

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:18 PM PST

Seorang aktivis mahasiswa dari Aksi Mahasiswa Peduli (AKSI) yang merupakan graduan Universiti Selangor, Ekhsan Bukharee Badarul Hisham mendakwa telah dipukul oleh samseng ketika menjalankan kempen pilihan raya bagi merealisasikan impian mereka untuk menghantar calon pada pilihanraya akan datang. Kejadian ini disahkan sendiri oleh Pengerusi Gerakan Mahasiswa PRU13 (GM13), Syis Abdul Kadir yang mendakwa samseng telah bertindak kasar ketika kempen diadakan di kawasan Parlimen Pekan (P84).

Selain itu, mahasiswa juga mendakwa bahawa kejadian ini didalangi oleh samseng dari United Malays National Organization (UMNO) serta hal ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa Najib Razak selaku Perdana Menteri merangkap Presiden UMNO gagal menjaga kawasannya daripada anasir yang tidak sepatutnya.

Melihat kepada perkara ini, saya menjadi musykil dan tertanya-tanya. Fikiran kini menerawang jauh mengingat kembali cebisan sejarah silam. Jika merujuk kepada sejarah, gerakan mahasiswa suatu ketika dahulu pernah dipimpin oleh individu-individu 'brutal' seperti Hishamuddin Rais, Kamarulzaman Yaacob, Syed Hamid Ali dan beberapa lagi yang kebanyakannya daripada aliran sosialis. Mengikut sejarah, mereka ini sering kali bertindak 'nakal' terutamanya apabila berdepan dengan aparat penguasa dalam demonstrasi pelajar dan rakyat. Contohnya, Ibrahim Ali yang merupakan Presiden Kesatuan Siswa-Siswi Institut Teknologi MARA (KSITM) satu masa dahulu pernah merempuh pihak FRU dalam satu perarakan dari ITM Shah Alam ke Parlimen bagi mengusul supaya kursus ijazah diadakan di institut bumiputera itu.
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PRU13 : Berjuang di selekoh?

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:16 PM PST

Nampaknya kempen Pilihanraya Umum Ke-13 (PRU13) sudah dimulakan secara tidak rasmi pada Tahun Baru Cina ini. Namun demikian, isu yang membimbangkan ialah senarai daftar pemilih yang masih diragui. Ini adalah kerana Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) sehingga kini masih belum mengumumkan langkah pembersihan senarai daftar tersebut.

Bagaimana pula dan apakah yang akan terjadi jika warga asing yang memperolehi MyKad dengan cara yang diragui pergi mengundi pada hari penentuan halatuju negara? Justeru itu, langkah yang perlu diambil oleh setiap warganegara Malaysia ialah untuk menghalang pengundi hantu/warga asing dari masuk ke pusat mengundi.
Ini bererti rakyat Malaysia yang mendukung nilai-nilai patriotik dan cintakan keadilan harus bertindak untuk memastikan bahawa hanya rakyat Malaysia yang tulen sahaja yang boleh mengundi. Oleh itu, setiap selekoh yang menuju ke pusat mengundi harus mempunyai rakyat sebagai pasukan pemantau untuk memantau situasi tersebut pada hari yang bersejarah ini nanti.
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PRU13 : Umno tergugat di kubu sendiri

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:15 PM PST

JOHOR antara negeri yang disebut-sebut bakal beralih penerajunya dalam PRU13. Justeru, kami terpanggil untuk melihat sendiri bagaimana perkembangan terkini situasi politik di negeri yang pernah dikenali sebagai kubu kuat Umno ini, menjelang tarikh pembubaran Parlimen.

Apatah lagi dengan kepulangan Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub, yang juga Ahli Parlimen Kubang Kerian, ke negeri kelahirannya, membantu Pesuruhjaya Negeri, Dato' Dr Mahfodz Mohamad. Banyak pemerhati menjangkakan Johor bakal menyaksikan tsunami baharu, seterusnya memudahkan laluan Pakatan Rakyat ke Putrajaya. Krew Harakah yang diketuai Ketua Pengarangnya, Ahmad Lutfi Othman bertolak ke Johor pada pagi 8 Februari lalu, dan destinasi pertama yang ditujui adalah Johor Bahru dan Parlimen Pulai.
Kehadiran kami disambut Salahuddin dan Setiausaha Perhubungan PAS Johor, Onn Jaafar di bilik gerakan pilihan raya PAS Pulai, Taman Munsyi Ibrahim, JB.
Kebetulan semasa ketibaan kami, penyair yang sedang meningkat, Amni Jagat turut berada di Pulai bersama beberapa petugas PAS di sini.
Kami terus bersembang santai dengan Salahuddin, yang kelihatan agak letih tetapi tetap ceria. Turut serta Yang Dipertua PAS Pulai, Abdullah Ideris, yang berbicara mengenai prospek PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat di negeri yang diterajui Umno sejak 55 tahun lalu.
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PRU13 : Haron Din sah tanding

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:14 PM PST

Haron Din KANGAR - Timbalan Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Dr Haron Din disahkan akan bertanding pada pilihan raya umum akan datang di negeri ini.

Mengesahkan perkara itu, Pesuruhjaya Pas Perlis, Hashim Jasin berkata, pihaknya sudah mengemukakan tawaran bertanding kepada Haron dan mendapat maklum balas positif.

"Kita beri tawaran ini sejak 2011 lagi dan terbaru, tahun lalu. Beliau jawab secara positif menyatakan kesediaan untuk bertanding kali ketiga walaupun sudah tewas dua kali sebelum ini," katanya.

Ditanya kerusi mana yang ditawarkan kepada Haron, Hashim berkata, besar kemungkinan tokoh nombor dua dalam Majlis Syura Ulama Pas itu akan kembali merebut kerusi yang ditandinginya pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12 (PRU12) iaitu di Parlimen Arau.

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Killing the mother of all golden geese

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:10 PM PST

Umno has 'killed' the Malays who voted them into power for the last half a century.

Blink! And perhaps you will no longer see Najib Tun Razak as Prime Minister when you open your eyes. That is how much time Najib has left to lord over all that he now surveys in Putrajaya. I say Putrajaya because Malaysia is no longer his to govern.
Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor are ours. He has as much hold over Johor as Assad has over Syria. Muhyiddin Yassin is king there! Everywhere else it is the electorate that holds sway over who shall get to form government after the 13th general election and, by all credible accounts, it is anybody's guess.
Decades of incompetence, and entrenched corruption compounded by hypocritical politicians who no longer even pretend to care for the nation and the people they are robbing blind… they all now await their fall from grace with a finality that they know has to come.
All that they had done to our country and to our people is now in the public domain to be perused at our leisure before our votes are cast.
We have seen from the time of the Bank Bumiputra debacle right up to the more recent NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) scandal that those to whom Umno had given the goose that laid the golden eggs do not understand that when they kill the goose, they kill themselves.
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PRU13 : Fitnah Sentiasa Berjaga, Sementara Ahli Politik Kerap Tertidur

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:00 PM PST

Oleh Zolkharnain Abidin
Fitnah sentiasa berjaga sementara ahli politik pula kerap tertidur. Ungkapan ini bermaksud, ahli politik sentiasa terdedah kepada apa sahaja yang boleh menjejaskan reputasi mereka pada mata rakyat kerana kealpaan mereka sendiri. Kadang-kadang, ahli politik berkenaan seorang yang 'baik', namun yang membuat onar adalah anak atau isterinya.

Pengalaman sendiri; saya terpaksa mengambil masa menjelaskan kepada umum pada suatu masa dahulu (antara tahun 1999 - 2004) hanya kerana saya membeli kereta Proton Saga Automatik, pada hal kereta jenis itu bukan termasuk kereta mewah. Bahkan kereta yang saya beli itu sudah berusia enam tahun. Itu pun selepas kawan-kawan menyarankan saya memiliki kereta yang lebih baik memandangkan kereta saya yang sedia ada kurang sesuai.
Ramai pemimpin Umno dicemuh masyarakat kerana anak atau isteri mereka. Najib dicemuh kerana perangai isterinya. Nazri Aziz dicemuh kerana kerenah anaknya. Suatu ketika dulu, Dr M pernah dihentam juga kerana anaknya. Tidak ketinggalan, ada yang dicemuh kerana adik atau abang, bahkan sampai kepada rakan baik sehingga perkataan kroni menjadi perkataan yang begitu bernilai tinggi bagi orang politik untuk menjatuhkan lawannya.
Pada masa yang sama, ada pemimpin yang dihormati kerana anak atau isterinya. Orang pernah memuji Hasmah, isteri Dr M kerana sikapnya 'humblenya'. Begitu juga orang memuji isteri Dr Muhammad Mursi kerana sifat rendah dirinya. Tidak ketinggalan, orang turut memuji Tuan Sabariah, isteri TGNA kerana kehidupan biasanya walau pun beliau adalah isteri kepada seorang MB selama 20 tahun.
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PRU13: 'Pecutan' terakhir PM..??

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 06:59 PM PST

SHAH ALAM – Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dilihat berada pada pusingan terakhir sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU13) apabila beliau sekali lagi membuat kunjungan ke beberapa negeri sehingga 24 Februari ini.

Penganalisis politik, Prof Madya Dr Sivamurugan Pandian berkata, lawatan itu boleh disifatkan sebagai pecutan trakhir Najib dalam menghadapi pilihan raya yang dianggap paling getir.

"Ini adalah persiapan paling rapi yang pernah dibuat Perdana Menteri, beliau (Najib) mahu memastikan PRU13 adalah lebih baik daripada 2008.

"Saya percaya pecutan terakhir ini mampu memberi impak yang besar kepada Barisan Nasional (BN). Melalui lawatan itu juga adalah penentu bila tarikh PRU13," katanya.
Perdana Menteri mempunyai masa sehingga 27 April ini untuk mendapat perkenan Yang di-Pertuan Agong bagi membubarkan Parlimen.

Sivamurugan yang juga Timbalan Dekan Pusat Pengajian Sains Kemasyarakatan Universiti Sains Malaysia berkata, lawatan perdana menteri itu juga sebagai penyuntik semangat kepada pemimpin di peringkat akar umbi untuk bersedia menghadapi PRU13.
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Loh Sang VS Najib & Rosmah

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 06:54 PM PST

Insiden Felda Sungai Tengi, polis terlibat?

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:06 AM PST

Mahathir and his Malay dilemma redux

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 08:43 AM PST

"Saya tak mengharapkan pahlawan. Orang tak selalu baik, benar, berani. Tapi saya mengkagumi tindakan yang baik, benar, berani, biarpun sebentar." - Goenawan Mohamad (Pagi dan Hal-Hal yang Dipungut Kembali)

The truth is I enjoy writing about former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. His lies and distortions reveal far more about the Malaysian psyche than anything said by the rest of the political elite (BN and Pakatan Rakyat) in this country.
NONEMahathir's latest threat about needing a two-thirds majority to amend the constitution to kick out Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga (right) is not merely a threat against Ambiga but against anyone who dares threaten the Umno status quo.

It shows anyone what Umno has in store for those who have the temerity to exercise their democratic rights or should that be, fight for their democratic rights. However, why the need to strip recalcitrant Malaysians of their citizenship? Anyone who has read the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) would have discovered that it is just as pernicious as the ISA. Cold Storage not good enough any more?

The arrest and subsequent charging of Yazid Sufaat and others on terrorism charges reeks of some sort of Pax Americana conspiracy.
Understand now that I am not accusing the government of anything (yet) but really, with the release of Yazid from ISA detention and now these arrests, the firebrand with all his Malaysiakini interviews, seems like a government asset. So much for accusing de facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of being a US plant.

Anyone who has read the Wikileaks exposes on Malaysia would understand that the spooks from Langley would consider many within the ruling Umno elite as the puppets most susceptible to their charms, not to mention those from across the causeway.

I, for one, will be eagerly waiting for what this trial will reveal with the knowledge that security experience brings that what is not revealed is just as vital as that which is.

NONEOf course being the sneaky racist that he is, Mahathir (left) throws in the usual canard that "Malay laziness" is the downfall of the community and their hegemony is sustained by the non-Malays - read Chinese.

His reference to Uganda is rather queer, since the Indian diaspora there was kicked out unceremoniously, but I suppose with the Indian Muslim support that Umno enjoys, the old manipulator was merely paying respects to a community that has far more influence in Umno than the fisherfolks and padi farmers that Umno claims to represent.

"The Malays themselves then gave away their economic power by letting non-Malays control trade and related activities," he gravelly intones.

Actually what is accurate is: "The Malays themselves gave away their economic power by letting Umno, with the sycophancy of a plutocracy of non-Malays, control trade and related activities... and these sycophants, with the exception of the MIC, did a far better job of protecting non-Malay interest then Umno did with the Malays, which is why the Chinese community or a certain significant majority of it can throw their support behind a certain section of a disenfranchised Malay community attempting a change of leadership."

Malay community's diverse past
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The 'drummer' PM is demeaning himself

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 08:40 AM PST

It looks like Prime Minister and BN chief Najib Abdul Razak has outdone himself at self-debasement.
His appearance in the now much-talked-about Chinese New Year advertisement has not only shown his desperation to win Chinese votes in the soon-to-be-held general election; it has also elicited responses from viewers full of derision and contempt.

I showed it to someone who is non-partisan, sensible, well-educated and who exercises good judgment, and these were her reactions as she watched it:

"Hak sei ngor! (Shocking)"... "Unheard of"... "Eeyer! Geli! (Makes my skin crawl)"... "Trying too hard".

Her remarks are uncannily similar to those that have been expressed on Facebook by many other Malaysians.

NONEIn the advertisement, as Chinese New Year preparations are under way, a little girl brings out a small drum to play. A figure suddenly appears. To instil a sense of mystery, the video shows only his legs. He asks the girl, "Do you know how to beat a drum?" Then we see the man for the first time, but only the lower part of his face. Najib's famous pink lips and moustache are instantly recognisable!

It is at the recognition of Najib that my friend gasped, "Hak sei ngor!"

The girl gives Najib her drum. But why? We don't know. Going by his question, wasn't he supposed to show her how to beat a drum?
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Video : Mahasiswa Di Serang Samseng Di Pekan!

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:53 AM PST

PRU belum lagi, Umno telah cetus huru-hara di Pekan

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:40 AM PST

PEKAN: Selepas seorang mahasiswa Ekhsan Bukhari cedera dibelasah samseng-samseng Umno di Kampung Datuk Keramat di sini, dua lagi peristiwa melibatkan samseng iaitu seorang mahasiswa pecah bibirnya ditampar samseng ketika mengedar risalah di Kampung Sri Makmur.

Dalam peristiwa kedua pula  rombongan empat orang mahasiswa telah dimaki hamun dan diusir oleh wakil rakyat BN sendiri bersama penyokong-penyokong Umno.

Seorang mahasiswa Mohd Alif Ashraf, 21, ketika bercakap kepada Harakahdaily berkata, beliau turut cedera dibelasah samseng Umno.

Katanya, dalam perjalanan beliau bersama tiga mahasiswa lain di Kampung Sri Makmur dalam Dun Pulau Manis, empat lelaki dengan dua buah motosikal telah datang lalu mengusir mereka menyuruh pulang.

"Dalam perjalanan balik kami singgah di masjid kampung itu, tiba-tiba beberapa orang menyekat dan bertanya adakah kami meminta izin dulu sebelum ke sini. Belum sempat menjawap, seorang lelaki menerkam lalu mencekik leher dan tampar muka saya sehingga pecah bibir.

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Suka duka di konsert PSY semalam

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 07:35 AM PST

PSY, sebutannya 'SAI' kerana huruf 'P' adalah bersifat silent. Begitu juga dengan DSAI. Huruf 'D' pula bersifat silent. Maka kedua-dua (PSY dan DSAI) berbunyi SAI.
Antara pelancong yang kelihatan
Are you ready for 'DSAI'
Yesss, we are ready for 'DSAI'
Kaki kecik dot com
RM 2 juta punya pasal aku rela mandi peluh 4 minit
Menyesal aku datang. Rasa macam muda la pulak
I am better than him (the PM)
Merah padam menahan malu....

Jangan lupa amanat ini. Hapuskan UMNO  melalui pilihanraya 13