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PRK Merlimau : Penamaan calon - gambar2

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 07:02 PM PST

Bini dulu, rakyat kemudian ...

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 05:11 AM PST

While Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's wife Rosmah Mansor regaled her foreign "first ladies" at a lavish "First Ladies Summit" in October last year, the Penan Support Group (PSG), a coalition of 36 NGOs in Malaysia, put up a page on Facebook under the name "Penan Support Group Education", calling for funds to set up pre-schools in the interior of Sarawak for the underprivileged Penan children.

Ironically, Rosmah's First Ladies Summit was themed "A Child Today A Leader Tomorrow", which, however, made no contribution to the much needy rural children back home. Only Rosmah's pet project Permata, an outfit to groom gifted children, was deemed needy of funds, hence the RM100 million allocation under the 2010 Budget, which she claimed was "a recognition of the importance of early childcare and education in Malaysia".

While Rosmah went all out to promote her "First Ladies Summit", the Penan women kept their fingers crossed hoping that Rosmah, being a woman, would understand their pain of being sexually abused by the timber loggers. She never did.

After the "powers that be" refused to help the Penan women fight for justice, three Sarawakian women activists decided to turn to Rosmah for help. They handed her a petition seeking support in ensuring the Penan girls and women receive justice. Until today, this so-called "first lady" has not shown any interest or commitment in lending a helping hand to the girls and women of Penan.

Rosmah has put it on record that under the plan to empower the Permata programme nationwide this year, national childcare centres will be set up in three parliamentary constituencies in all states except Terengganu and Sarawak.

Despite Rosmah's glaring indifference to the plight of the children, girls and women of Sarawak, the state found her worthy of the "Datuk Amar Bintang Kenyalang" award, conferred by Sarawak governor, Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng, in conjunction with his 89th birthday. She was the sole recipient of this award which carries the title "Datuk Amar".

Just how did the governor decide Rosmah was the most deserving recipient? Was it politically motivated, as the people think it is?

And now, it is the mayor of Ankara who, impressed with her social work, decided to award Rosmah Turkey's prestigious "Award of Social Responsibility".

Ankara's mayor Melih Gokcheh justified Rosmah as the deserving recipient saying her "continuous and active participation in social activities was admired by the Greater Ankara Municipality".

"Her presence in extending a helping hand, as well as trying to put a smile on those encountering social, economic, environmental and health problems, was not only playing a great importance in establishing social balance but also producing social benefits," Gokcheh had said.

The people of Malaysia, however, beg to differ. Where was Rosmah when the Penan women and girls in Sarawak, deprived of justice, turned to her for help? These women and girls have for years been sexually violated by timber loggers who encroached into lands which shelter the Penan tribal community. ... more

Merlimau petang ini - 25/2

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 12:53 AM PST

Aku baru sampai di bandar Merlimau.

Keluar tol Jasin dah nampak macamana Ali rustam bodek Najib dan penduduk Merlimau/Jasin. Selepas keluar saja tol, jalan siap diturap ... hahaha. Aku pasti sangat ianya baru saja dilaksanakan. Bendera-bendera BN sepanjang jalan sepanjang 13km dari tol ke bandar Merlimau.

Dan lagi, penduduk Merlimau juga bakal mendapat Wifi percuma. Ianya bakal dilancarkan oleh Rais Yatim pada 28hb nanti.

(Nota: siapa-siapa yg berhasrat nak dapat Wifi percuma minta lah bagi ADUN or MP korang mati cepat ....hahaha)

Bandar Merlimau dah jadi biru. Biru dek lambang BN. Merata tempat merata simpang dipenuhi dengan bendera BN.

Aku sampai di markas induk Pakatan Rakyat di bandar Merlimau. Pekerja sibuk membuat persediaan untuk pelancaran jentera wanita pakatan rakyat sebentar lagi iaitu pada jam 5 ptg oleh pengarah pilihanraya Dato' Hj Abg Halim Abd Rahman.

Markas Induk Pakatan Rakyat PRK DUN Merlimau

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